Thought this might give you all a laugh

I just received this booking confirmation, my check in is 3:

The funny thing is that daylight saving starts tonight in Australia so I have told all of tonight’s guests that they don’t have to check out until 12 tomorrow (the only time of the year I will do it) so that they don’t lose their Sunday lie in. So it will be interesting to see if they turn up between 11-1. They should not be allowed to enter a check in time earlier that the one stated by the host.

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You could contact them and advise that your check-in time is 15:00 but due to daylight savings it will be 16:00 tomorrow!

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Multiple people have posted here that they get check in times selected that are before their listed availability. Just another way Airbnb makes our jobs more difficult.

11 am when they know check out is 11am is very entitled. It will be interesting to see if they turn up.

Not so funny if I am the guest.

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She had 3 5* reviews.

We couldn’t get them out! At 10.56 am on checkout day she sends me a message saying can we check out at 1?! I had already told them we don’t do early check in or late check outs and had explained we need that limited time to do a turn around.

I said that the cleaner was booked to arrive at 11 and we had maintenance scheduled as well (which was true). Cleaner texts me at 11.20 to say that they are still there (she can hear water running) and are ignoring her knocking on the door. I send a message saying you car is there and you aren’t answering the door are you there or have you walked down the street for breakfast? No reply.

11.30 I send another message saying it’s now half an hour past check out and it’s in our house rules that the cleaner can come in at 11 (thanks @PitonView) so the cleaner will be using her own to code enter, just letting you know. No reply, but it did bring the man to open the door and say they will be 2 minutes.

At 11.40 my housekeeper (who is no push over) told them that she had to get in there we had other guests coming. They stuffed around, she dried her hair etc and they left at 12.

At 2pm I got a message going, Sorry about that but it’s ok as we let the cleaner in.

The place wasn’t as clean and tidy as we would like with dirty glasses, mugs, left over snacks etc but it also wasn’t really bad.

We all knew they were going to act like that didn’t we?