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Thought I made 1st pre approval but convo disappeared

I was excited to get my 2nd inquiry. Guest didn’t seem that fluent in English but explained what a pre approval means and I thought I clicked correct button for pre approval!
But the moment I did that the entire conversation with the guest disappeared, and there is no msg saying pending reservation or anything.
It’s like it all never happened. My calendar not showing anything.
Is this normal?

No. Not normal. I would contact support.

Well it appears the conversation did not disappear, but automatically moved to another folder, so when I check my mail folder I find it. My calendar doesn’t reflect anything pending though!

Because they didnt book yet. Sometimes people inquire and then they never book

I’ve actually had this a few times, it’s because the person isn’t verified!! Once they get verified everything should go smoothly again :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! This group is a great help!

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