This will end badly

Just saw this on Twitter…he moved into an Airbnb.

We need to get the Airbnb owner here to read up on when to decline a booking!

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It’s been a big story on our local news. It will be again when he squats at the Airbnb! Can’t believe anyone rented to him.


What happens is the owner appears here AFTER the bad thing happens. Then they post, we say “tsk, tsk, this all could have been avoided,” they whine that we aren’t welcoming, then disappear. LOL.


Because this is a national story, if he squats or causes any other problem I think Airbnb might actually help the owner and delete his account if he turns out to be a problem.

Reason #4000 not to rent to locals/ppl who lack a fixed abode.

I heard him on an interview after his parents evicted him. A real piece of work. :poop:

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Harsh but fair…

International! It made the evening news “Well just look at what those Americans are like” section here. But that is because our news people are fascinated when things happen in America that they wouldn’t care about if they happened anywhere else.


Squirrel moment— most of my friends with 20-30 yr old adult unmarried children have at least one of their children living “at home”. It’s complicated but indicative of a larger issue involving affordable housing and jobs with livable start pay wages and what seems to be potential employees not finding traditional jobs appealing.

I don’t work a traditional job so I understand it. However it took an education and clinical knowledge and experience to position myself for a work from home job.

I suspect his parents desperate actions will pave the way for others.

If his Airbnb stay ends up as a squatter like we think it will, most hosts will get a wake up call about not accepting local reservations and maybe highlighting concerns thus group have often expressed about instant book.

I’m watching to see how thus goes.


This has got white hot airbnb experiences add-on potential written all over it for the host.

They should be selling tickets to meet and greet Rotondo boy, selfies 10 dollars extra.

I would still kick his ass out the door before four weeks were up though.


I would think, since Air Bnb is a vacation rental not an actual home rental, when the time is up on his stay (1 month or 1 week) the host would ask for the key on check out day, wait for him to pack his shit, and say thank you. Unless he never leaves the room (which in this case might happen) he’s booked and paid through Air bnb for a certain time and after that time he’s out. I’d say that you collect up all your stuff as a host (towels, soaps, shampoos, linens) on check out day and wish him well.

With that said, yeah, it could end badly!

In most states tenant’s rights are conferred on the person booked in at 30 days. I’m sure this fellow doesn’t care about the towels and linens, hell, he would probably use a trash can in the corner instead of the toilet. You could also turn off his utilities and internet. But after 30 days if he doesn’t leave you need a court order to get him out.

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International press picked up the story as well. Both uk and irish papers covered him. What a gem. He will be on dr phil next.

Right from day one on Airbnb I’ve declined anyone who is local. In my opinion, why would anyone want to play tourist in the town they live in at someone else’s home. It just does not make sense to me.

Many Airbnbs aren’t in tourist towns or catering to tourists. I’ve had a number of local people stay for a variety of reasons without any problem. Just today however I canceled a stay for a woman whose profile said she’s from MA. But all her 19 reviews, a number of them bad are from local hosts. So she’s been hanging around town for two months now and is not a consistently good guest. That’s the problem, not where she is from.


I have recently has a guest from about 300 yards away. That’s pretty local. Maintenance was being done at her building so she needed somewhere for a few days. She was a great guest. The day she left, I had another booking from another local (but from half a mile away this time) for the same reason. I get this quite a lot. It’s no problem.

I will stick with my policy. I thank you both for your reasoning though. There are other issues involved which I do not wish to declare. This is a rural property and with it there are a few rural issues. Also, I do not wish to come home and find that there is a teenage party happening in the back bush, I would prefer to steer clear of possible liability issues and the ensuing heartache involved if something were to happen. This is the right decision for me.

Exactly right, each host has to follow the policies that meet their needs. Just be aware if you aren’t already that Airbnb is increasing their standards and that includes percentage of guests accepted. So if you were to have a run of local requests that you rejected or cancelled you might get a warning/suspension/dropped in search rankings consequence.

The story isn’t over.

The guy had to go to court a few days ago, about his outstanding child support and the judge ordered him to get a job. He complained about that. But he’ll have to find a job or possibly go to jail.

Thanks for the update - I must admit I have been curious how this will work out, especially for the Air host!