This stay is off to a rough start

Guest arrived at 12:40 am, 1 hour and 40 mins later than he said he would, and 40 minutes later than our latest check in time. Hadn’t read the self check in instructions so rang our front doorbell. Then said expected to have our whole house when all over our listing we describe the “apartment.”

My DH helped them in and then told me this morning there were three. Our max is two and two registered. I would have addressed/clarified the situation on the spot but he didn’t. I’m much more direct!

Messaged guest this morning to find out the situation. Local friend had stayed over-hope that’s okay! No, it’s not. Again, wish we had averted the problem in the first place by being direct.

This is the first time (that we know of) we have had unauthorized guests. Can I charge retroactively? Can someone recommend some pleasant verbiage to add to my rules? They were over my max so already in violation of the listing, and we don’t have an extra person fee because we don’t permit extra people.


Only your registered and approved guests may be on the property or in the apartment.

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Yes, you can send an alteration to the reservation. Go to Airbnb and send it now.

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If the listing doen’t allow three people, the change submission will be rejected by the AirBNB software as “not possible.”

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I would call AirBnB now to get your voice heard before there are any guest complaints. I would also send a “special offer” for the extra amount.


I called Air when it had been 3 hours and the guest had not replied to my message asking whether a third person stayed over. I made Air aware of the late check in and the guest’s issue following check in instructions.

Do I need to have an itemized list of charges in my rules (e.g., unauthorized guest charge) in order to charge and collect?

I would assume that as you have two guests as your maximum you would not also need to have a rule stating the same thing.

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More has transpired since my initial post. The guest asked again if we would make an exception and if the third, unauthorized person could stay. I messaged him to let him know absolutely not and to ask for his assurances that he would abide by our listing rules and terms.

I called Air again and let them know what was going on. They called the guest to let him know he was in violation of the TOS.

Ultimate outcome: Guest is leaving this evening and will pay for the full stay which includes today and tomorrow night, because he violated the TOS.]

EDIT: Air sent and accepted an alteration on the guest’s behalf and is not paying us for the third night! WTH!? This is completely contrary to what the rep said he would do!


Hi @SuiteInSeattle

Call Airbnb back if they decided to unilaterally refund when you have had a phone call with the rep otherwise (hopefully followed up by the confirmation email) Airbnb should honour it’s commitment to pay you for the third night.

It’s clear you guests intended to have the third local friend along the whole time and that’s why they were upset to find it was an apartment rather than a whole house.


Totally agree and so did the rep (who said he’s also a host). I will call back. They record the conversations at that level so he should be able to listen back and realize he said he’d not give a refund.


Turns out it was my misunderstanding. I though that when Air altered the reservation, it would result in a refund. But the Air rep assured me it would not.

Thanks to all who replied!