This month's Host Newsletter/Guest profile photo information

Members here have mentioned not getting this newsletter in their email. This one has information on the new guest profile photos changes. This is the key thing: Airbnb does not require guests to have photos You can require it if you want but I’m betting that over time that will put you at a competitive disadvantage unless you have other mitigating factors like lots of reviews over a long time period. Instant book hosts see no change since we aren’t screening guests.


Thanks for posting .

In the newsletter it also mentions, as I said in the previous thread, that airbnb first told hosts about this change in the October host newsletter and reprints the actual article.

It would be interesting to see if Australian hosts and management companies received the newsletter?

Or indeed if there are hosts from other countries who have signed up to receive Airbnb emails, who also don’t receive the host newsletter.

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Oh, now, Ive never had a newsletter.

How do I sign up please?

@Bendy001 A couple of other hosts here say they haven’t got it either. Have you ticked in your profile settings to receive email content from Airbnb? If so and you aren’t receiving it and you have checked it isn’t going into your spam, then you will need to give them to a call.

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This is the first time I have received the Newsletter, in the UK, despite being signed up to receive emails.

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I think you should take it personally @Joan :smile:

I have indeed taken the topic of “Hosting a private room” most personally, given my recent dialogue(s) with members of the Plus Team., I am going to have a great deal of fun quoting some of the content back to my two Airbnb Plus immovable, interlocutors;-

" Greet your guests to get on the same page. Welcoming guests in person is especially helpful if you’re hosting a shared space. Many hosts told us that when guests arrive, they welcome them with a tour…"etc etc.

“Be friendly and flexible but do NOT be a pushover! My check-in is 4pm and you ask to check in at xxxx?”

There is more that I’ll be quoting back at them, but won’t repeat here. Suffice to say, the Plus Team appear not to have read this recent newsletter. The programme demands that all Plus Hosts, including in-home family hosts (i.e. me…) offer 24 hour access; no ifs, no buts. I’ve dropped out as my Public Liability would be invalidated, and I’m not getting up at 3 am!

good for you @Joan you are a fabulous host and I’m sure you don’t need to be on the Plus programme to get lots of fabulous guests.