This listing is no longer available

Good evenng. Maybe someone has an answer for me while I wait for help from Twitter. All of a sudden my listing is "no longer available when I try and search for it after logging out. It is there if I log in, but if I log out it says "This listing is no longer available. Anyone?

Call airbnb for an answer. Good luck!

How would we know? Either Airbnb feel you have done something to warrant taking down your listing or there is a technical error. Why are you waiting for twitter - call them.


Why are you trying it on the same browser, why don’t you do the guest simulation test on a separate browser?
I’d suggest you use one browser where you stay logged in ie, host, and another one where you periodically test as a guest.

You can also post your listing’s link here for others to check for you.

Thanks I guess it was a bug Air fixed it

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This is a common issue, it happens with a lot of listings. Usually it’s available again in a few minutes.