This is why you don’t Airbnb when you RENT!

Good for the landlord. A contract is a contract. Another reason this property owner would never rent long term. Tenants for the most part are not worth the hassle.



I was really surprised to see this statement in the article:

“It’s unusual to see the Tenancy Agreement explicitly state that sub-leasing on Airbnb is prohibited,” Powell said.

I would think that after 9 years of Airbnb more landlords would be clued in by now.


Well they may not have a specific Airbnb clause @KKC but I would imagine the vast majority would have a no sub letting clause, which would cover STRs.

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I rented to tenants in Toronto. The article is quite right in saying that it’s a precedent.

It’s standard for a lease in Toronto to include no subletting (though not necessarily Airbnb specific.). However, being awarded the profits is groundbreaking.

Of course, collecting those profits is a whole new ballgame!

There are all sorts of things you can not do detailed in a Lease, not sure why the lease would go into the ways you could go about doing those.