This is what we do it for (oh and the money ;-)

It so nice to know that the little touches you put out are appreciated. This was from a couple in their early 20’s.

XXXX’s place is everything it says and more! The apartment is incredibly clean, so no worries there about covid. Checking in and out was incredibly easy. Lynn left us snacks as well as helpful notes on nearby transit. The space had everything we needed for a relaxing trip. I would recommend this space to anyone coming to this area.

Ralynn’s private feedback for you:

“Thank you so much for sharing your space with us! We greatly enjoyed staying there and felt very comfortable. It definitely shows that you go above and beyond for your renters. It’s greatly appreciated!”

It was a nice way to start the day. I did miss this when I shut down during the heat of COVID.


We just love our hand written notes and online reviews. That reminds me, I need to scan those new ones from the guest book!!


It is nice to hear the positive! Following my orientation of a recent guest to our shared space, he said “you must be a super host, you’ve thought of everything”. It makes up for the guest who freaks out over stupid things.


Yeah right! I always get a little tinge in my stomach each time a guest checks in. I’m afraid I left a dirty rag or bottle of cleaner out.


Me, too!

This was one of my favorite nice reviews:

“This home is super clean and clutter free. The pillows and sheets are soft. I love the neighborhood with all of the trees and different homes. The backyard is gorgeous and makes me want to update my backyard. You can definitely tell that the owner takes pride in her home.”

The best part, she accidently left it in “private note” and the public review just said,“I loved your home.” :upside_down_face:


Sometimes when that happens I do a response and write something like:

Mary Jane’s additional feedback: “direct quote.”

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ok ok I will bragg some more!! review recieved just now>>>:)

Julia & Michael’s Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway is the perfect case study in, “hosts who are strictly running an Airbnb rental (nothing wrong with this) versus hosts who are sharing what they have proudly poured their love into and created.” You may think the two cases have little to no real world impact in the outcome of your stay, this was what I thought too, but boy was I wrong. If the hosts are operating from the latter, things become treasures, stays become experiences. And this is why Julia, Michael and TTRH claimed the top spot on our list of best Airbnbs we’ve stayed thus far (and we’ve stayed in quite a few awesome ones). Thanks again Julia & Michael, stay sweet as always. Til next time!


What an articulate and thoughtful review. Congrats.