This is what happens to our white towels

This stupid reel popped up in my feed. Foolish copycats see this & think this is the way to remove make up.

More “my towels are ruined” posts are coming

@Annet3176 not a valid link i’m afraid.

I don’t do Facebook, so can’t read it. Can you recap?

Facebook link.
Here’s a few screen shots

I couldn’t screen shot the model with no make up.

I felt my hair stand up when she took a white hand towel & smeared makeup all over it. There isn’t enough bleach or Oxyclean to fix it


I know you may not be looking for any suggestions but just in case.

Best thing I ever did was buy gray washcloths in bulk. I then put a container on shelf with the towels with a sign as shown below. The gray washcloths cost about 50 cents each. When they get too stained, I use them to clean with. (A roll of paper towels will now last me months because I just use the washcloths as my cleaning rags.)

Also, I don’t charge for damaged towels, (cost of doing business) but I think listing the costs makes the guests think twice about using the nice fluffy white towels for their makeup.

I haven’t had a stained white towel since I put out this gray washcloth basket.
Towel Sign


That won’t get it. But Dawn dish soap (or it’s called Fairy in some places) will get it all out easily. I got the tip from a friend who has to wear a ton of makeup for work and it’s always worked for me.

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The best way. As washcloths cost about a dollar each, two at most, I don’t really understand when hosts get so upset about them being stained.

I look at them as (almost) disposable items. I use white but even so, I only have to get rid of one every few months. Like @Lynick4442 I use them as cleaning cloths when they become beyond redemption.

Hosts can always put an extra dollar on their fee and think themselves lucky that for every night they don’t get a damaged washcloth, they’ve made an extra dollar. :wink:


UGH! Who does this? Rhetorical question, of course


Using a face towel - though inconsiderate, isn’t nearly as offensive as staining a towel!

an influencer making a video in a hotel room. that’s who.
she doesn’t care about the towel.


Yeah, I’m quite sure she’s unrecognizable without make-up- she
left her whole face on the towel.

People like this must either never have spent their own money on towels, or have cleaners who they expect to get the stuff clean, or they just have cupboards full of stained towels. Arggh.

I have to say I am quite fortunate not to get the kind of female guests who slather on make-up. I’ve never had any make-up stains on towels or pillowcases, and I don’t even provide dark washclothes or make-up wipes.

same. even the wedding groups we get through don’t do this. actually our towels are all grey but still, even light grey, we’ve not had any make up stains so far. I do provide cotton pad wipes though, but they don’t get used much.

I have purchased these for our rentals — seems to stop them from using the white for make up and they come clean.


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Sorry about the white towels scenario!
Thank you

You seem to be replying with posts just fine. If trying to post something new there are probably other ways but I always scroll all the way to the bottom and hit view latest topics and a new topic button appears in the upper right. You can also get to latest topics by clicking the three lines in the upper right. Since you are new you might search your topic before posting new. Seasoned members are great about directing you to prior posts when you don’t do this, but you can save a few steps looking yourself.

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Hello Christine, thanks for responding.
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But as you suggest, kindly, I’ll search on it with different terms. My first didn’t show anything.

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Someone more experienced with the site than I may be able to help.

I’ve messaged them. …

Thank you Christine, I heard from the mods.