This is a test listing: Only approved users can view and book it

Hello guys, nice to find your forum.

16 days ago I add my 2nd listing to airbnb but after the 24 hours period it didn’t appear on the search engine. Then I realized the following message when logging news’ listing dashboard.

> This is a test listing: Only approved users can view and book it.

I contacted the support but, they were incapable to understand my problem since unless they logged in to my dashboard, everything seemed fine.

After a week I found somebody to understand the problem.

There been two weeks now and I’m still waiting for a fix or update.

The last update I had, was that the technical department will take care.

This is ridiculous, I’ve lost half a month waiting for them to give me a decent response to my problem.

I’m very disappointed with them and I don’t know what to do.

What should I do? I’d appreciate any help.

Thank you.

Make another listing and snooze the test one


Take your complaint to Social media like Twit and Farcebook.

@Debthecat I had the same thought but I’m afraid that might make the situation worst.

@KenH I did but the said “DM please”. Then I explained the problem and told me that we’ll take care. But they don’t answer any more. I asked for an update yesterday…still waiting.

One more time they respond that they are very sorry and bla bla bla…they’ll get in touch.