"This is a rare find" box

How does one get granted the This is a rare find infobox?

Private island in Belize and featured on Air adverts, a la @Mearns!

the label appears based on an algorithm --it showed up on my listing during a time when I was only booked 20/30 nights which I found a bit surprising. It shows up on many listings that I’ve booked as a guest.

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We need a “haha” button

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I thin that blurb shows up when you have more than 80% (?) 90% (?) occupancy for an extended period. Some magical bit of computer code…

I do a LOT of stop overs for the keys so even in the dead on summer I am pretty booked up maybe the least about 20 days and the most in slow season 24 days so this little blurb comes on for me. I actually like the days off and could probably raise my rates but will wait for the high season to test it out.

This box sometimes appears on my listing and I am at 65% occupancy at my very best. I have seen this box on listings that get very few reservations, it’s a mystery.

I had that once, about a year ago, when I was nearly booked solid throughout the summer. This year I haven’t seen that message. Travel seems to be lower to my area this year.

I think it, or something similar, shows up when there is not too much availability in the area for the dates searched.