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This is a 3p toilet

Here’s a little something I’m going to frame and put in my bathroom. Use it if you want. PLEASE correct me if some of the translations are offensive, I used google translate. Also let me know if you think I missed a major language. Of course, I can’t include them all.

The bolds, italics, and various sizes of text didn’t paste, but you get the idea.

Do Not Flush Anything Except
Pee, Poop or (toilet) Paper
Pipi, caca, or papier toilette seulement
Pis, mierda, or Papel higiénico solomente
오줌, 똥 또는 화장지 만
DO NOT FLUSH Any type of wipes, any other type of paper, dental floss, feminine products, droids, cell phone, diamonds, car keys, or anything else except Pee, Poop, or (toilet) Paper.
Thanks! 谢谢 Merci! Gracias! 감사


Ahhhhh…so did the guests that caused the water on the floor leave an overflowing toilet??

There is a special meaning for 3P, if you look up urbandictionary lol

For the chinese translation, i would say
I mean, it sounds funny in English, but in other languages just a bit…weird, but they will get the point

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Nope. I believe it may have been the Belgian missy who came upstairs to shower in nothing but a hip-length t-shirt and a thong, in front of my kids, twice. ; ) I don’t really know, of course who put the whatever down the toilet…but that, at least, is fixed, for now. ; )

Thanks Lorihost! My son helped with with the translation, but he was 12 when he left China, and was not living in the best of situations…

Literally, LOL LOL LOL!!!

Thanks for the input - I guess my sign will get lots of attention!!!

Even if the message looks good in English, in French and Spanish it sounds a bit childish and as you say a bit offensive.
I had a problem with a clogged toilet in the past with some of my guests and I put up a frame in the bathroom and so far so go. This is what it says:
“The toilet is only for toilet paper. Anything else goes in the silver mystery box next to the toilet.”
"Le WC est seulement pour le papier toilette. Tout le reste va dans la boîte mystérieuse couleur argent qui se trouve à côté du WC. "
"El inodoro es solo para papel higiénico. Cualquier otra cosa va el cubo misterioso de color plata que se encuentra al lado del inodoro. "
Hope that helps!


I thought that you meant you had to pay to use the loo!!

In the UK 3P means 3 pence, our equivalent of cents, and to go to the loo is spending a penny!!

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I’m reviving an old thread instead of starting a new one.

I’ve been hosting for about 8 months and finally had my first clogged toilet! I wasn’t home to see the mess, but my husband was, and said it seems like the guests threw paper towels in the toilet. I can’t imagine why, but manage to mention it in the review!

I’m not a fan of the sign. Unless you are having real issues with constant clogging. I think signs at Burning Man read something similar, such as : “don’t put it in the potty if it didn’t come from your body.”

This was posted a while ago DC… Do you still have the poopie sign? :smiley:

Please flush all the diamonds you want, so long as they are large enough to get caught in the trap. Drain cleaning is free, but host keeps the finds.

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