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This has got to be a first!

I had a Mother/Daughter stay at our mountain home the last two days. Yesterday they texted me because they could’t get hooked up to WIFI. I sent the manager over and they had not turned it on. :o)) So, easy fix. This morning they texted (in a panic) that they had locked themselves out of the house and that the electronic lock wasn’t working??? I got them to the spare key and they got in the side door and left. When the cleaner arrived he found scratches on the inside of the door with the electronic lock. And the lock was working fine???

Well, when they were loading their car to leave, they left the dog in the house. The dog didn’t like that and apparently jumped up on the door (hence the scratches) and managed to latch the second manually operated deadbolt on the door. Yup, the dog locked them out.

PS- They readily agreed to pay for the damage to the door and they are welcome to come back.


A funny story with a happy ending.

Welcome to the forum @mintmark! Glad it all worked out


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