This gave me a chuckle this morning

I know we have a fair smattering of creative/techy nerds and geeks on here, and I include myself in that as well. I reckon I’ve had a good few of these, and more, over the years!



Love this. I think just about every one has happened to me. I especially love the one with the printed animated gif that needs to be printed on Harry Potter paper.


SsDd, all day, every day. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

This is great. I love number nine. :laughing:

ALL of them. Especially the “send the files over” and when a client or prospect says “just,” I say “Just is another $5,000. Only is $10,000. Per instance.”

That results in “But that’s really expensive! And I only want multi-location geo-mapping and integration with Google. Just do a shopping cart like Amazon.”

wanders of to find gin, screw the tonic<


Went through almost all of them. Very often we get the “i don’t know what I want” so, after asking them how their current work flow goes, I’m capable to prototype a few web pages and when they see it they magically react. Suddenly their creative juices start to flow and they ask for more and more.

What I hate most is when I have a deadline, and yet at every meeting they want more and more features they forgot to mention.

Me: “Dudes, if you want this done by X date, don’t ask for more features. The features you ask from now on will go into 2.0 version.”

Them: “But we really, really need these.”

My boss: “they go into 2.0 version”.

I get the “Can we change it?” too, even if it’s in production.

Had them all, I think. :rofl:

But one they missed … “But there’s white space! Fill it!”

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