Third Party (illegal) bookings - what if I do not ask them to cancel?

I get a third party booking; then immediately ask them to cancel (saying I will issue a full refund if they do it immediately).

what if I just left it ‘as is’ and then denied the entry? I have been told the name of the guest, so I can simply tell them that it cannot happen. Do you think that airbnb would intervene and refund? The reason I am asking is that it could be that the third party booking blocks a potential booking, and also it is stressful and time consuming interacting with these folks.

Pleas spare me the platitudes - virtually every person who books their buddy for a third party booking becomes belligerent during the process and validates my uncomfortableness…

I think you should volunteer to be our guinea pig and let us know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, though, there is no such thing as “do you think Airbnb would…”. It all seems to depend on which CS rep handles the case. I think the amount of time and energy that could end up being expended trying to fight an Airbnb reps decision would be more exhausting than simply nipping the booking from the get-go.

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I was thinking that I would meet them at the door, say “this is not going to happen, you are not the person who instant booked and are not on the reservation”, and turn them away.

Yes, I understood your question and what you were proposing, I just wouldn’t be sure about what stance some Airbnb rep would take when the booker calls them outraged demanding a refund.

According to policy, you’d be well within your right to do so with no refund, but once some Airbnb rep issues a refund without consulting the host, it seems like a frustrating battle to get that reversed.

Or you could send them a link on how to sign up for Airbnb to give to their buddy so their buddy could book on their own? Or I thought you had STR insurance and you could just lean on that? Or you could just go online and cancel the booking if it’s an IB?

I don’t really understand the antagonism. You’ve been doing this for years, it should either get easier or you should take a break.

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I have tried all you mention. It never gets easier lol…

My question is what if I was instant booked, and the person who shows up is not the one who booked it? I would be 100% within my rights as a host to deny entry to someone not on the reservation. Has anyone had this experience, and how did it go?

I had it happen. Daughter booked for elderly mother.
I refused access. Got on phone to daughter and explained the 3rd party policy.
She had no idea and just assumed that it was like the other booking sites.
i then rang Airbnb, to ring the daughter and get it in writing that she would be responsible for any issues.
Booking was fine.


Honestly, I really wouldn’t count on it, especially since you already know that it’s a third-party booking. It’s dishonest to go about that way and that will always bite you in the ass.


I absolutely understand. :no_mouth: But it’s not worth it.

I don’t think there is a win/win for 3rd party bookings. There are seasoned hosts on this forum who report successfully handling 3rd party bookings. Good for them & I wish them continued success.

The 3 times I knowingly accepted 3rd party bookings all ended badly, primarily because of communication challenges.

In the days before Covid & the strong encouragement for self check in, there was support for requesting ID at check in & not allowing anyone access until the booker arrived.

I don’t know if that is still an option. However I think if it is mentioned in a pre-booking message that no one will be allowed in the rental until after the booker arrives & presents a valid ID, people making 3rd party bookings will self-weed out & cancel the request.

If you want to accommodate, suggest they rebook under the correct accounts.

My personal thoughts are:

  1. You notified potential guest of the ID at check in requirement & have in house rules.
  2. If they asked about Why IDs required, hopefully You explained 3rd party bookings are against Airbnb terms of service.
  3. If Guests show up anyway, no admittance & cancel reservation. You can’t trust them.

Best wishes. There are so many things I am proud of how I handle(d) the situations, this is not one of them.

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Just contact the guest and explain it’s against Airbnb’s terms. Ask them to withdraw the booking if in 48 hour penalty free cancellation.

As an experienced host @Rolf you know what Airbnb say and often what they do is two different things.

If the guest doesn’t withdraw their request and get the third party guest to put the booking in their name then ask Airbnb to cancel the booking you may need to have their T&C relevant clause ready to quote

Do tell us what they say.