Third Party Hacked Accout

Hello, I have been a host for over two years. I have four units in a busy tourist place. Recently I received an instant booking from a person from the US with one review. The comment said only, “hi”.
The day of the reservation the guest, clearly chinese, with a chinese phone number, messaged me that they would be arriving very late. We live on property and try to greet all guests. I asked if I was talking to D, the name on the reservation. The guest responded that D was not traveling. I mentioned that it was against ABB policy, and that the person on the reservation must be present. The guest then responded that D had been called away on a business trip.
I thought this sounded fishy, and so I googled the name on the reservation and found the person! I emailed her and asked if she had made a reservation for this guest. D was shocked that her account was being used! She hadn’t made a reservation in months.
To make a long story shorter…I called ABB and explained the situation. D also called and had her account flagged. ABB cancelled the reservation. The ‘guest’ was shocked that I had complained to ABB, but didn’t show up or cause any trouble.
So, my question is this: Why would someone do this? They didn’t use the original account holder’s credit card…but put in a new one and paid for the reservation. Why not make an account?
I have 2 theories.

  1. To avoid discrimination. Some places don’t like to rent to Chinese. However, we do it all the time and have many reviews.
  2. Third party. I believe that whoever made this reservation and hacked the original account re-sold the reservation.
    Again, why?
    I have made several changes to prevent this sort of activity, but it still boggles me!

Don’t they hack to gain your trust but book to rob your apartment and leave you with no idea of who just made off with your belongings? Perhaps the new card details are also stolen

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The details of the payment methods (credit cards) are never made available once they have been entered. Meanwhile, I cannot really explain why. Whatever it is, it is super weird.