Thinking of Hosting in Dublin - is it worth the effort?

Hi, I am thinking of hosting in Dublin but my eyes are wilted from reading up on so much of the do’s and don’t, and to be honest, I’m as indecisive as I was when I started looking. My initial plan was to rent my 2 bedroom Apartment out fully for 2 - 3 nights each week. Does anyone know where to get the best insurance. I seen from some posts the insurance that cover B&B’s is sufficient, is this the case. I have to go looking tomorrow so would really appreciate any information before I start looking.

Many thanks.

I believe there is a Dublin Airbnb group they should be able to tell you about Irish short let insurance. or a quick search on Google should bring up the companies who do this.


NFU do B&B insurance,its not cheap. was the best quote for my place, which is 100% holiday let, not sure if the operate in Ireland.
Direct Line have a business section.

Airbnb provides insurance coverage. I had a guest get injured at my home (she fell outside on my deck in the dark) and so far Airbnb is taking care of the situation, which is a new claim. An investigator has interviewed me and the guest.

Ah but, what if your guest is not an ABB guest, I use 3 platforms. Who insures your property when you have no guests.

I insure my Airbnb with Allianz. Given the housing shortage in Dublin you should do well but Airbnb is not for everyone and is certainly not an easy way to make money given the amount of cleaning, laundry, dealing with guests etc. My experience so far has been positive but I have been dealing with guests in my holiday home for years and am clear about my rules and never negotiate on price or take any notice of the emails from Air trying to get me to lower my price. Take a look at your competition, weigh up the pros and cons and if you decide to proceed then the best of luck with it.

am in dublin, I read the reviews of some hosts in Dublin to get a feel of what it would be like. A couple of very odd stories but interesting reading. It depends on your location and what you provide to guests.

@rod we have many threads here on Airbnb’s Host protection and the feedback has NOT been good. How did this work out for you?