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Think this guest want me to "sell" her on our listing and destination

It’s just an inquiry and she seems to think I am a tour guide. Most of what she asks is in our quite thorough listing. Don’t think I’ll answer the last message, think they’ll be high maintenance. I answered her first inquiry in depth.
Here are her messages:

Hi My boyfriend and I are very interested in visiting City Island for July 4th weekend and your place looks like a great option. We aren’t very familiar with the area - can you please tell us more about the proximity of sites/attractions/restaurants/beach to your house? And anything else noteworthy about the area? Thanks!

Then she sent this:
If you have any other items of note to share about your house and the island, please let me know! And please let me know if there is anything else you’d like to know about us. We are very interested in the listing. :slight_smile:
Today at 5:32 PM

I am inclined to decline! And it’s only 2 nights of the 4th of July weekend.


That seems like a normal enquiry to me, to be honest. They are probably testing out your friendliness, either consciously or unconsciously. Why don’t you want to answer?

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I also think it’s a normal request but understand that you are wary of being put in the tour guide position. People need to do their own research before they book. Did you fill out the Guidebook section on your listing? If so you could just refer her to that.

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I have no patience for that unless they are reserved.


I often give prospective guests information and advice on tourist stuff. But it’s crazy competitive where I am so if I want the booking, I have to work for it!
Also, I do think there are still a lot of guests out there who really do want the Airbnb “experience”. They are looking for a host who will take the time to give them insider knowledge etc. If you can’t or don’t want to do that, yes probably best to just decline. I try never to decline, though. It really damages your listing, not just in the search ranking but in other ways, I reckon. It’s the number one reason that pisses guests off (being declined for no real good reason) and I can’t imagine that hosts who decline a lot don’t get punished in some other way!

We had a guest ask us to get them a temporary fishing license!


I did answer in great depth. And most of my answer is in the listing already. They are new to Airbnb, have no reviews and are not verified.

Ok! I saw the exchange that you posted and thought that was the extent of it. Yes, it is really annoying when they seem to ask questions just for the hell of it. On the other hand, if they are new to Airbnb they are going to be testing the water, so to speak, and I can understand that. There’s a limit, though!

Yes I have the guidebook filled out

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Good grief. I wouldn’t answer her last message either. Losing the extra nights on a long weekend would bug me more than her screening tactics though. Is it too late to quickly set a requirement for that weekend to a minimum of 3 or 4 nights?

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I don’t intend to answer her last message, I feel like she thinks I need her. How do you set a minimum for just one weekend? We are on an island and there are few available listings at any time.

In your calendar on the right hand side click on Availability Settings, then at the very bottom click on “add a requirement for seasons or weekends”. Then you can select the weekend you want by date and the minimum number of nights. You can even select which day you want them to check in if you want.


Thank you! I’ve only been a host for 6 years lol!
Found it and did it!


Yeay!! Problem solved! :smile:


Just so you all don’t think I’m a grouch, this was my answer to her first question.
Hi Sydney,
Where are you visiting from? Even many NYers don’t know of City Island. I think there is some accessible information on our listing but City Island is a small community known for its seafood restaurants and boating lifestyle. The largest park in NYC is a short drive or walking distance, we walk there all the time. Orchard beach is also walkable from our home or you can drive and park in the lot for a small fee. There’s food and umbrella rentals and lifeguards. It will be crowded on the holiday weekend. There’s a small beach around the corner from us on the Long Island sound and you can rent paddle boards from captain Mike on City Island Avenue. If you’re interested in Manhattan, we are more than an hour subway ride to midtown. There’s also the Bronx zoo not far and the botanical gardens. Will you have a car?


Point taken! She clearly didn’t bother to actually engage with you so yeah, wise to decline. Wish I’d declined the lot I’ve got in at the moment :frowning:

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I don’t think she even read the listing information which includes this and more.

How do we send private messages on the forum?

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