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Things we have to keep explaining

I’ll go first:

“I think your text message was cut off?”


I now have in big letters in the main discussion of the listing “Do NOT Text. We do not accept or respond to Text messages. Call or email only.”

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I actually HATE when people call. I constantly get unsolicited phone calls, so I never answer unknown numbers, and I’m rarely near my phone when it rings. I’d rather have a text any day, but from someone who is actually using the messaging system, or texting me direct at the number I give them in all communications.

Airbnb does not do a good job of telling people that a text message is just a “preview” and that they should log in to read it. It’s infuriating!

Sorry, another one here who doesn’t get this. Texts, messages, emails, whatever. I’m just glad when guests communicate, no matter how. It’s the silent ones that can be deadly.

Edit: doh, just understood. It’s when the air message gets sent via sms. Sorry, Don’t ever accept me as a guest. I’m too stupid.


I love it when people tell me when they’ve arrived, and when they’ve departed. What I find bizarre is when they’ve been completely communicative up to the date of their reservation (“Looking forward to it! Thanks for all the info! You’ve been so helpful!”) and then nothing. No arrival message, nothing while they’re here, and no departure message. Then nothing in the guestbook, and no review. No response to anything I’ve sent. It’s just…so weird.


What is the current status?

Hi @Natalie,

That would be the Airbnb message sent via SMS being truncated, right? I’ve got that at least once. From someone who apparently doesn’t use Airbnb very much.

Actually, I don’t see why the entire message can’t be transmitted via SMS. As long as it is not too long, I suppose.

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Exactly. I don’t get it either. Just send the whole thing. They already make you agree to receive texts, and how many people really get charged per text anymore? I realize that might have been a problem a few years back, but I’d way rather spend .50 per text than have to go to an Internet cafe and spend $$$ more money per hour just to read the rest.

Well, emails can be arbitrarily long, though at some point mail filters kick in. E.g. Gmail’s message size limit is 25MB, but that is a bookshelf worth of text.

But Airbnb could impose some upper limit on the SMS’s that are sent. Just not the limit they are currently using. Most messages sent via the Airbnb messaging system aren’t long at all, anyway.

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