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They're gone ...!

Honestly, possibly the worst guests I’ve had in some ways … ate all the food in our fridge without asking, monopolised the pool all day, asked me questions and tried to engage me in conversation the whole time, left wet towels on the floor …

On the other hand, they did all hug me when they left and said I was the best host in the whole world.

I’m going to miss those grandkids …


Oh dear, sounds like you had the equivilant of those annoying relatives come stay!.
Look on the bright side…have you been reading about the horror guests on here lately? prostitutes, house trashers, non payments, stealing keys, doing certain things in the shower for 20 minutes 3x’s a day :astonished:

Do you like your guests a little more now? :wink:
Next fabulous guest!

Oh, sorry, I gave the wrong impression! What I meant to say was that all those things that guests do to annoy me didn’t matter a hoot with the grandkids … and although I’m completely exhausted (3 under-11s and their mum) I really do miss them!


You had me there for a moment.

Then I got to the punch-line.

Loved it!


hehe, glad they turned out to be the not so annoying relatives :grin:

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