They brought a cat!

While cleaning my airbnb suite this morning I found some kibble on the mat. When I emptied the Roomba I notice a bunch of cat hair. I messaged the guest and they said yes that they brought a cat. The guest stated that her daughter asked her at the last minute to bring her cat to Calgary and that she didn’t even think about our No Pet Policy. How often does this happen? I have had requests for pets before but no one has actually brought a pet that I have been aware of.

Ow wow, I would be furious. Do you have cameras? If I saw someone bringing in a cat I would have them out the first hour. I am allergic and my house rules state specifically one dog may be allowed with prior approval and no other species of animals allowed. The F**cking nerve. I am sorry this happened to you.



RR I know that you hate cats! :slight_smile:

As you know, I love my Stanley and have travelled to Airbnb rentals with him often.

I’ve found that cat owners are more considerate than dog owners.

Often they travel with their own bedding (because the cat gets onto the bed) and clean the apartment well.

But there are good cat people and bad cat people. In general though, I think that they are less troublesome than dogs.


Much as I love cats - we do not allow them because so many people are allergic. Depending on their communication with you I would either privately educate them on the issues of undisclosed pets or mention this in the review so other hosts don’t get blindsided.


It’s the litter boxes that I can’t stand, I find them revolting.
And anyone who travels with a cat is bound to use one.
I’m not a cat lover nor hater. I have a cat, but can’t imagine taking her anywhere. She’s a good mouser, so she’s useful. She does her business outside and most definitely does not get to sleep in beds.

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I won’t take offence, because I don’t think cat owners are more considerate than dog owners, i am a dog owner. I can assure you that I am not pleased at all. I know people are allergic to pets and that is why I don’t even allow my own non shedding goldendoodle in the airbnb. I am assuming that there was a litter box because I did find some wee pebbles on the rug as well and thought…hmmm, what is that, we don’t that that type of stone around here then I just dismissed it until I got to thinking. I wanted to call bulls#*t when she said that it was a last minute thing to bring her daughters cat, what was she going to do with the thing…leave it on the bloody step. We stipulate in our policies that there are no PETS allowed and that is the way I want to keep it. So annoyed but you can’t do anything about it!


I love Stanley too of course, from a distance:)

But you would not bring him where he is not welcome. Just like I would not bring my dog Max without asking.



I have a no pet policy, but had a friend who was between houses staying in my Airbnb for several weeks with her 3 kitties. I’m a dog person, but I have to admit they charmed me – they disappeared one day and were found adorably sleeping in the underbed drawers.

My friend paid for a professional cleaning at check out, and I would let her stay again. BUT I was finding cat hair for a week, between the window ledge and window, up on high shelves they must have been exploring, even in the COFFEE MAKER FILTER. I did worry about future guests with allergies and guests with keen eyesight who might find hairs I missed.


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Well, yes. That’s what I’ve always found easier about cats than dogs. You can just get a friend or neighbor to come feed it, they survive just fine, they are self-sufficient. They don’t need to be walked or exercised and they don’t bark and howl for hours disturbing the neighbors. I’m sure that cat people would claim that their cat is traumatized by being left alone, but then cat people are delusional like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


when we moved interstate we rented an airbnb for a week while we were looking for a house to rent (actually we’ve done this twice) and I am always far more nervous about my cat than the dog.
Granted, I have a Ridgeback, they are so chill, short haired, and so food motivated they can be manipulated, I mean: controlled, easily haha, I actually took my cat to a grooming salon and had them do a heavy clip and de-shed, even though I had my robot vac with me running twice daily.
My darling cat actually scratched the flyscreen out of the door, luckily we are renovators and v handy, I went to the hardware store and bought some rubber and the roller thingy and fixed it good as new. My cat has never scratched at furniture or caused any damage at home, but I am terrified when I travel with him because cats are their own creature. Also my cats are not indoor cats, so letting them loose in a neighborhood and hoping they’ll find their way home is also SO stressful (and yet I can say that we’ve done this 4 times and he’s been fine). I’m not sure cat people quite realise how foul smelling a litter tray is, which is why I don’t have one. As lovely as cats are (I have 2, soon to be 4) they aren’t loyal animals who can be told “no”.

I’ve had 3 guests ask to bring a cat and I said it was fine, so long as they were prepared to pay for any furniture damage, and be aware there are 2 cats and 2 dogs here. So far we’ve hosted 0 cat guests!

Bringing a cat without permission is FAR, FAR worse than bringing a dog, although in this situation it seems no damage was done, although I’d be sniffing every pillow, sofa and rug for cat wee, cos they absolutely will wee in strange places in a new house.


Now I am ever more upset :rage: . I never even thought that there might be disgusting cat urine on the carpet. I have a super nose and can detect odours at 50 yards, I will be checking for odours again. I detest pet hair on clothing, furniture ect, that is why I have a non shedding dog in our home, did the pet hair thing for years but I am over it.

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In addition, I have a lovely mid century chair in the suite that Cat Lady commented on, probably let her crappy cat sleep on it.

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I travel with my Bella Marie Pesky Paws often. And you’re correct - most cat owners are fastidious because we don’t want any mess or smell. Bella has been invited many places because she’s a good house guest.

You and Stanley would be welcome in the Tampa area any time. :smiley_cat:


I am sorry but I cannot agree about the fastidious cat owners. Any house that I have been in that has a cat i can usually smell the litter box. I am a nurse and do foot care so I have been in many homes with cats and I usually leave the home covered in cat hair.


I agree. It has not been my experience that cat owners are fastidious. They don’t even smell the cat litter box anymore, but others sure can. Lots of pet owner’s homes smell strongly of dog or cat and they are not aware of it.


That is terrible. Some people asked me if they could bring two cats to my essentially one room air bnb. I said no of course due to allergies etc!
For them to have brought a cat without permission. You’ll have to forensically clean I suppose. So rude and inconsiderate of other guests.

I am a pet lover and have owned cats. )

Feel for you. Terrible!!

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Hopefully you have a fine listed for violating the no pet rule. You have written admission they violated it. Even if you don’t have a fine listed,
You might try to get additional dollars for cleaning like shampooing carpets.

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Poor you. Yes, take offense, don’t accept them taking a cat last minute. Using a child as an excuse, this is irrelevant.

Good luck in your response.