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They asked THE question-should I warn them?

Facebook posting this morning! WARNING :warning:


is that a good fb group?

Lol. Masterminds. So is that layer the beds or…?


Fair question. I don’t know. I joined last week. So far lots of questions about “how to build arbitrage Airbnb portfolio” and “I want to get started…”.

There was a good question about what to do when your guest reports finding a dead duck in front of the cabin door. Lots of how to cook duck recipes submitted… Now discussing how to “de-duck” a discount for dead wildlife.

Like any group I suspect topics run in themes. Next week’s topics may be meatier. :sunglasses::duck:🧑‍🍳


That topic would last one hot second here. LOL.


The other topic I saw that would crash quickly was a woman announcing she had been hosting 3 months and was very successful. Her email was filled with people asking her to write a book or do a web course on how to be wildly successful & make the money she is making. Who would be interested in buying her book?

…hosting 3 months. Bwahahaha

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