There's a bear in my home!

One of my guests has been staying out 'til very late at night, he must come home hungry. He has been eating the honey and nuts I’ve left out for guests to add to their breakfasts. This morning, I noticed there was quite a bit of honey inside one of the bags of nuts, as if he was pouring honey on his hand and reaching into the bag of nuts and then shoving it in his mouth. Hilarious!


That’s so odd. Covering his hand in honey so the nuts stick to his hand easier?

Nah…Stoney Pooh bear came back from his late night and thought the idea of coating the nuts with honey would be very tasty. He probably poured some honey in the bag, closed it, and then tossed it around…

I wouldn’t know things like this though…:slight_smile:


There wasn’t enough honey in the bag for this to have been the case. He had to have had honey on his hand as he reached into the bag.

Seriously?? You think it was honey only on his hands? I say Stoney Pooh tried to clean up his mess of trying to concoct :Honey coated peanuts: - but okay if you say so…I thought the whole thing was kind of funny…

Stoney Pooh was looking for “sweet and salty” - lol.