There goes the neighborhood

I got a mail from air today saying that neighbors can also rate hosts. They say:“A good host is a good neighbor as well”.
The neighbors can choose between: noise, parking issues, general concerns, personal safety or criminal background.
“Everything is ok” or “I don’t mind my neighbor hosting” is not a choice.

I don’t have any neighbors so I don’t care but what is the advantage for air or us to have this?

And how on earth would this even work? Are you supposed to send this to your neighbors? Is air going to solicit our neighbors? This doesn’t sound like a good idea, and I can’t imagine Air would want to open this level of exposure.

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WTH? It’s not clear how this would work…

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For Americans:


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That link is dead and in German.

Well, I can imagine a house selling and becoming an AirBNB party house. Lots of complaints in Austin about this, so I guess AirBNB felt that had to give neighbors a place to complain. Strangely, not a bad idea but does beg the question, what happens if your neighbor just doesn’t like you, or you them, this is a great way to escalate tensions.


My thoughts exactly. I don’t think I have anything to worry about and I think it’s needed. But it could easily be abused.

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Airbnb gets a lot of bad press worldwide, some cities more than others. I think its their attempt to say to neighbours, hey airbnb is great and you can have your say. Won’t work, and not very well thought about. My next door neighbour is 81 and has no wifi and probably does not know what airbnb is. My other neighbour is retired, and only leaves the house to walk the dogs or pop over for a cuppa of tea.

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another BAD idea from our friends who overthink things at Air. They are just trying to appease all the neighbors who complain maybe.

How would the person who writes the review even prove its your neighbor. It could be your ex or someone else with an ax to grind.


If someone started an airbnb next to you, how would you feel? I’m not asking anyone to get defensive, I’m just asking…if you weren’t a host and didn’t want to become one, how would you like an airbnb on your street or in your building where you lived?

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Confess I attempted to discourage my neighbors two doors down with a suite similar to mine. Bad me! They had the impression I was always booked because there seemed to be cars here all the time. But I told them, they could try it but it takes a while to build it up and the summer goes dead. I don’t really want to see my neighbors doing this!! :smile:


Well, as usual, no one really knows what Air is going to do with any data they collect. If you look at the web page, they are not promising to do anything at all. They only say they “may” send the complaint to the host in question.

From a host’s perspective, I see so many things wrong with this.

What do you think would happen if one were to take a random sampling of 100 people who do not host on Airbnb and ask them if they want an Airbnb host living next door?

Sorry @KKC! I honestly didn’t mean to basically pose the exact same question as you. I only saw what you wrote after I posted my reply.

You know what they say about “great minds!”

The apartment right next door to our rental is on Homeaway :slight_smile:
I suspect that Airbnb instituted the neighbours thing so that they could say ‘hey, we are concerned about the neighbourhoods. Neighbours can contact us on our special page! We want to make sure that the whole world is happy! If you’re not happy with Airbnb listings in your neighbourhood, we have kindly provided a place for you to tell us all about it! We are wonderful!’

And then of course once they’ve got the page set up (which takes all of ten minutes) they can simply ignore any messages they get :slight_smile:


I know some of you in FL have entire blocks that are rentals. I also think there are certain neighborhoods where it’s expected. I also think, like @Chloe that most people would not want an airbnb, or any kind of in home business on their street if they had a choice in the matter.

'Murica. Where everyone wants freedom, and everyone should be self-sufficient productive members of society, but not in my neighborhood!

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I agree. When we had long term tenants in the rental, the apartment next to my own was using Airbnb and I hated it. But the reason for that was because there was no onsite person looking after it and so the guests used me as their concierge! After all, I’m right next door. Also there seemed to be people constantly trundling their luggage right past the window above my desk when I was working.

And because there was no one onsite to manage it, then there was often a lot of noise, dogs left alone in there barking, people playing music late at night etc. etc.

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EXACTLY. We want to generate garbage but we don’t want dumps. We want cheap gasoline but not oil wells, pipelines and refineries. We want cheap electricity but not nuclear power plants or generating stations. Edit: I lean towards being an environmentalist so I don’t like how my post sounds. LOL.