The 'You must also acknowledge' Amenity Limitations setting

As part of the House Rules, Airbnb have added this feature, I think quite recently.

I can’t make up my mind on whether to set the Amenity Limitations and mention no access to kitchen.
On the one hand, this will be a much clearer way of making the fact known to kitchen-must guests and avoid disappointment. But I don’t like the wording ‘Amenity limitations’ - sounds negative. I want it to allow me to simply say what it is.

Any thoughts?

Take a look at other listings. In fact, on the published listing it is not entitled Amenity Limitations. Instead, it appears under the House Rules with “You must also acknowledge.” I was delighted to be able to remind potential guests that there are stairs to get to their rooms.


It’s a subsection of ‘You must also acknowledge’ where there can be things like

  • Must climb stairs
  • Potential for noise
  • Amenity Limitations

So these do show up as I’ve seen from setting some of the other ones.

Ah. I understand your hesitancy, but the kitchen use thing is a deal for some people. I can see it either way.

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But … if Kitchen isn’t listed in your amenities, doesn’t this mean, in fact, no kitchen? I(I know you’re going to tell me guests don’t read …)


It does, and you’re right, that’s what I’m going to say.

When guests don’t read it, come in assuming kitchen is available, and then smack you down in the ratings, it’s the host that has to bear the brunt. This has actually happened to me.

I even had a guest once insist that I had to provide them the kitchen because ‘Airbnb’ has ‘BNB’, ie breakfast, in the very word.

We’ve had hosts here posting about an insistence on breakfast for the same reason.

One would think… My listing says no kitchen repeatedly including in the parts they are “required” to read. There is no picture of a kitchen. I’ve also wondered what, if anything, I should do with this amenity limitation section. I just had a guest Friday whose first and only question was about a kitchen when she stepped into the room. And she’s a host! With over 100 reviews! I understand they are on the road looking at their phone, using their data. But in the Rules which must viewed before booking it says “You are only renting a room and bathroom with a separate entrance, it is not a self-contained apartment. There is no use of my kitchen, laundry room or garage.” I will mention in her review that she didn’t read my listing before booking.

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