The worse the guest, the better the review

Does anyone else find this to be true?

I’m not talking about the really bad guests, or the ones who complain/nitpick/need hand-holding/are demanding during their stay. Those are another animal entirely.

But, has anyone else noticed a connection between those who leave very glowing reviews after leaving your place in shambles? Most of them, it seems, try to head it off in a departure-thank you message. And it’s always a raving positive.

I never know how to review them. It always breaks my heart a bit, because I get the idea that they truly think they were great as well.

My last two extremely messy guests were effusive in their praise. Sigh.

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I’ve been surprised on a few occasions. For better or worse. Lol

Regardless of attitude I base people on how they treat my place. Even if they aren’t that friendly.

Not friendly but clean and considerate in all other ways still means all stars from me.

But super nice but slobs? I hesitate.

I will mention both, but do I front-load the nice part? Or the slob part? Opinions differ.

My husband says bad goes first, in case hosts don’t read the whole review. I say hosts read everything. A guest my not read past the few pages of our reviews, but I read every one of my guests’. No guest has more than 10-20, and if they do, I’m probably OK to welcome them.

Yes, this is bizarrely common.

I haven’t had guests who left a mess, but I have had a few people who were reserved and didn’t want to chat much. I was surprised when some of these guests left really nice reviews, and they all mentioned that I was friendly and available, something they didn’t seem interested in. It’s better than the opposite - someone who seems nice and then leaves a stinkbomb review!

I actually had an opposite experience. My messiest guests left me bad reviews and ironically gave me low star on cleanliness.99% guests gave me 5* on cleanliness and those few who trashed the house to no belief gave me 1. I still can not absorb this fact completely.