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The Wishlist / Bookmark Game

Does anyone else here play a little game with themselves by tracking their space’s wishlist/bookmark count?

Of course what really matters are bookings, but having a lot of people save your space to their wishlist is an indicator that you’re getting people’s attention & doing something right. Yes, no?

I should hit 900 today and should have 1,000 by the end of the year. As far as I know, there’s only one listing in my area that has more. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen listings with over 10,000 in super popular places.

It’d be great if AirBnB would allow us to occasionally send special offers to those that have saved our space. Like a flash sale or something.

We have 18 wishlist and are 90% booked (our place has been opened for 6 months)

590 wish lists since April 2015. Listing has been snoozed for almost 4 months now and I usually snoozed 40% of the time even when actively hosting …

We have 830 as of today and I also make wish lists for my travels. If that wish lists exists it’s for a trip I am planning so yes I look at it daily with that traveler in mind. Also lately I have seen “other guests are looking at this listing 180 views this passed week.”

I like that one better since it promotes a sense of urgency for those that are looking at my listing.

796 since June 2015, hope it will help next year

Yes, it’s my main indicator (as I have mentioned elsewhere) that people are actually seeing my listing. I don’t place much stock in the views. It’s perfectly possible that Airbnb is just making them up. Also, they report different numbers in different places. OTOH, the wishlist numbers do seem to track inquiries/booking relatively closely.

For a while in September, I was getting no booking or inquiries at all. And the wishlist number stayed fairly constant, at around 100, for the whole time. While the views numbers were showing well above zero values. Though, granted, not very high.

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