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The weirdest thing that happened to Airbnb hosts


I’m an Airbnb host for 3 years now, we have two summer properties in Greece, we rent them out for around 4-5 months every year, and as you can imagine we’ve had guests from all over the world and we have seen it all!

From people destroying pillows by filling them with chocolate and hiding them under the bed…wtf?.. to complaints about our Tuscany-like view with pine trees being depressing… as apparently pine trees are found around cemeteries in some countries… :-o …and many many others.

We’ve all developed a skill on how to handle those (because obviously I can’t go and chop down all the pine trees visible from our veranda for example), so I’d like to share those stories and how we all handle them without messing up our relationship with the guests and ending up getting a bad review.

So I’d like to ask you to reply to this thread here and share:

  • the weirdest problems/situations you have come across as a host
  • in which city did that happen
  • and how you solved it

(do not include any personal information, just the incident info)

I will put them in a blog post for every Airbnb host out there (and not only people inside this forum) as I really think that we need to share these experiences so that we can learn from each other, or at least have a good laugh from them :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your weird story


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