The "wardrobe vs chest o'drawers" dilemma

Hi all - we are just doing up a little self-contained apartment for the upcoming season. It’s got quite a decent sized bedroom with a kingsize bed, and room for a chair and piece of furniture (don’t want to make it too cluttered).

In your experience, what’s more important to guests, a wardrobe or chest of drawers? We had a double room on AirBnb last season, and had same dilemma - went for drawers. Not that I think anyone uses them, but just trying to work out which might be more useful, in the unlikely event it would get used! (most of our guests last year were one-nighters so I expect lived out of a suitcase).

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Our closets [i.e. wardrobes] get far more use than the drawers. Imagine you have arrived for a wedding. Would you want to fold your suit or dress up into a drawer?


I would say it depends on your target market @becky_jo.

Why don’t you just get a wardrobe that includes shelves. Problem solved.

I’d be a bit narked if I arrived at an Airbnb and couldn’t hang up the outfit I was going out in that night.

However if your target market is backpackers they will be less bothered.


@Helsi. I agree–wardrobe with shelves. I couldn’t resist this…IKEA has one! (I have some IKEA mixed with my other furniture).

MY VOTE GOES TO WARDROBE, and maybe some open shelfs in that wardrobe.

Ìf I can’t hang my clothes, I might as well leave them in my suitcase / backpack. Hanging avoids creasing and makes my clothes air a bit.

I also feel strongly against to many small storage spaces, like drawers, because I will be more prone to forgetting something when packing up again.

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Here’s one!!!

I stopping with the pics now. someone will take away my Snip-it app.

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We have a chest, but in a walk-in-closet with plenty of hanging space. We use it to store blankets for those rare Florida freezing nights…

I have mostly one nighters and don’t have any drawers. There are shelves if someone wanted to unpack a few things. If I were going to be somewhere a while (3 or more days) I’d want some drawers as well. You can also put up a coat rack on the wall and put a couple of hangers in there where a suit or dress can be hung up while you decide.

Thanks for all your helpful comments! I think a wardrobe (with a few shelves and maybe a drawer at the bottom) might be the way forward!

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Your Ikeashame has been noted. You can hide it but guests will know.

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I have one of those hanging organizers in the closet. That way guests have underwear, socks etc available and visible but can also hang clothes in the closet.

I bought one of those folding luggage racks you get in hotels. It is very popular.


We use a single Ikea PAX wardrobe with the layout on the left hand side of this image. This gives hanging space, a couple of shelves and wire drawers on rollers. It’s relatively inexpensive and takes up very little room. We’ve found that this is ample for most guests and we had a long stay couple that made do with this and a bit of under-bed storage. We put in both regular and trouser/skirt hangers, and there’s a folding luggage rack that we got following a suggestion from one guest, that’s never been used by subsequent guests!

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I would do a luggage rack (like at a hotel), and a couple hooks on the wall with hangers.
Then, you could easily hang something if you wanted to, but it takes up very little space.
I stayed for a week at a airbnb with both a closet & drawers, but I just lived out of my suitcase - there wasn’t enough space to easily access the drawers, and I had nothing to hang.

30+ years ago I happened upon this place and was lucky enough to be able to book a room same night. The room I had had no drawers or closets only shaker pegs along the wall. You can kind of see them in the pictures here.