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The Ring doorbell with whole house rental?

We installed a Ring doorbell in our whole house Airbnb because we are absentee owners. It allows us to see if someone is ringing our doorbell or at our door. We love it for security reasons!

Since we started Airbnb, we can tell when guest check in and also when they check out but … Today I have a guest that was an Instant book (only people with reviews) anyway when I texted him to welcome him, I also asked how many guests. My house holds six and there is no extra charge for extra guests. He said only my wife and I.

Well he and his wife arrived late–around nine, and I made note that they got in. A couple of hours later, another couple, plus three single guys came in-all about mid thirties. Then three trips to their cars. Because of the alert we get with the motion detector, we saw them bring in about four/five large empty plastic containers and a large stack of unassembled cardboard boxes!

Because of the Ring, I can see everything!!! Think this isn’t a good thing! It can make you worry too much!!! Hope they aren’t packing up my whole house!! Am I over reacting?


I don’t like this. I would text the guest and ask who the others are. Just because you accommodate six doesn’t mean unnamed people can be brought on your property. He only said there were going to be two.

Say you are concerned because you saw unregistered guests bring in what appears to be moving boxes. With all the Air rip offs these days, you can’t allow this.

You can’t get there in person to find out what’s going on?

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I would definitely contact BNB and let them know what has happened and ask for their advice. Your listing has been booked for two people but seven people are on your property. Do this straight away.

I too would be concerned particularly with the empty containers coming into the house.

Do this before you contact your guests so you are clear about your options.

As you are absentee hosts do you have a manager that can visit the property?

Even though you allow six, they have seven people at the property which is against your house rules and they only confirmed two guests. This means you should be able to ask BNB to cancel the booking as they have broken your house rules.

Do keep us updated on what happens.

I would call Airbnb of course, immediately. But I would not alert the guests in advance, I would go right over, even at 6am, knock on the door and let them know that you received motion detection notifications and you wanted to come by and check. If you feel better doing it with someone else, do so - but a lot of damage can be done by the time you send them a text warning and the next step. If they pack up your china and get in a car, they are gone. You have the info on the guests, but that only goes so far. Polite and firm direct confrontation is the way to go, in my opinion.

Edited to add that I use a Ring doorbell as well, on three of my houses, and while I’ve never had someone bringing empty boxes in, I have confronted guests on additional people coming in.

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Way better advice than mine! :smiley: I’m always present when guests stay so I never see this kind of thing!

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This is too weird and not right on so many levels. If you are leery of approaching them, I would either hire an off duty policeman to accompany you or text them minutes before you plan to arrive, alerting them of your obsevations and maybe they will just scatter.

I called Airbnb and was on hold for over an hour! Finally I got a person, described what was happening and the first two people I talked to were concerned and put me with their supervisor. He said I am just hearing your side of the story and I think you should talk to him. I will email you to show we have talked and you can email us back and let us know what is happening. I told them I have the Ring tapes and he said okay get those to us but…I can’t attach them to my email!
Anyway finally did text the guy and said what is going on over at my home. You said two people and there were seven last night and today. He said, sorry my wife cooked dinner for some friends. Ugh… they came at 11 last night and never left! They have been in and out with more boxes today!
I said no I have videos. Have contacted Airbnb. I want you to leave. He said okay but still hasn’t left.

Crazy day! One guy came out and freaked out—that’s a camera, a doorbell camera. They can see everything!

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So what happened? Is your property ok?

Freaked out that they’d been caught in the act, more like!

Just state it in your property description! That as a whole house listing, you have a ring doorbell, with camera to enable remote guest access.

Nothing was gone from our home! I did ask him to leave. They left through the back door because they didn’t want to go by the camera!

I can’t image what was going on but my neighbors were very freaked out. I’ll post one of the videos if I can figure out how to make it work.

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Very strange!!!..

I need to write a review of this guest, does anyone have any ideas of how exactly to word this?

Why don’t you summarise what you want to say and then we can advise?

Say the person rented for two, showed up with 7. Then when asked to leave delayed. Freaked out neighbors.

BTW, when you told them to leave, and they didn’t, why didn’t you call the police? If I ask someone to leave my premises and they are short term renters, they can be ejected immediately. It happens in hotels all the time.

Trying to do review.
Lay was an instant book because of other good reviews. He reserved for two guests, he and his wife, but at 11:00 the first night, five more unapproved people came in. I had concerns because the addition guests brought in five or empty large storage totes and additional unassembled cardboard boxes with two commercial sized heat sealers. The next morning they brought in another stack of the empty large storage totes. It caused concerns about what they were using my home for.
I called Airbnb for direction and also contacted Lay, about my concerns.

There were seven guests there all weekend

Ugh, know it isn’t right my husband didn’t want me to put in the public review that I had asked them to leave.

Oh my! What a scare! I’ve never heard of the Ring doorbell, but I’m getting 2 - front and back doors! It sounds like it saved your bacon.

I didn’t want to to freak out my neighbors any more. They are very on the fence about Airbnb anyway I didn’t want to upset them

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