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The phone rings at 3AM. What happened?

So, let’s say your phone rings at 3AM with your guest frantic. What is the first idea to come to your mind as to what happened?

They set the house on fire!


Why are they calling me. I’m in the same house.



Ok I’ll play. Locked themselves out?? I think I know where this going though…can’t wait to hear what the reason was.

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The doorbell is just so far away! Social interaction! Oh my! :open_mouth:


Something really daft like ‘how does the coffee machine work?’ or ‘do you have a spare blanket?’


Someone stole my clothes and I’m naked and I’ve locked myself outside.

Toilet is blocked.

I’m drunk and I can’t find the house.

I burned the house down.

Can you make me a sandwich.

I had a medical emergency and had to go to the hospital can you pick me up.

There’s no milk left in the fridge.

Can you read me a story so I can fall asleep.


A call at 3am is always about gaining access - so they either lost the key, or can’t remember the code to the apartment.

A call at 7am is always a blocked toilet.


we have terrible luck with things overflowing, leaking, etc. -so in my case, they woke up and put there feet on the floor and it was a soaked carpet.


Some alarm went off; in my case power alarm, they left some power-hug appliance on for days (example, a dehumidifier). Now have a wind generator to get passed even this situation.

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Mostly, the guest is locked out or there might be a problem with the home appliances. Because of the number of lockouts I have had, I began convincing my clients to install smart locks in their homes so I can provide remote access to the guest (use with discretion, of course).

The power is out.
The heat is off.
The pipes froze.
The well ran dry.
The bear turned over the garbage or walked across the deck.


My female guest couldn’t resist my sexiness anymore… =)


Hahah, that reminds me of my young guests stand in the front yard looking at their phones instead of ringing the doorbell or following the self-check-in instructions. I try to wait them out but my husband shows up and says, “the guests are here! Aren’t you going to greet them?”

To answer the question, I’d also assume the guests were locked out and too… shy? awkward? to knock.

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…my first thought is that I am dreaming the phone went off.

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MY GOD!!! What the hell is that crawling up the wall!!!


Paul…two more for your list. Broken kettle…or we are out of Yorkshire Gold!


Do you know an all-night pharmacy? We’ve run out of nappies (diapers) for the baby …okay it was 1 a.m. not 3, and I hadn’t gone to bed. And how were they planning to get there without a car? You’ve guessed it … I declined and offered an old towel to use instead!


Let Hillary handle the call.
Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, let Trump answer the phone.

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