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The pandemic is just starting

Here are the highlights of our conversation. But if you really want to understand this disease, read the whole interview. This disease may be the biggest event of our lifetimes.

  • 3 months ago, COVID-19 was not even in the top 75 causes of death in this country. Much of the last month, it was the #1 cause of death in this country. This is more remarkable than the 1918 Flu pandemic.
  • There is no scientific indication Covid-19 will disappear of its own accord.
  • If you’re under age 55, obesity is the #1 risk factor . So, eating the right diet, getting physical activity, and managing stress are some of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from the disease.
  • One of the best things we can do for our aging parents is to get them out into the fresh air , while maintaining physical (not social) distancing.
  • Wearing a cloth mask does not protect you much if you’re in close contact with someone who is COVID-19 contagious. It may give you 10 minutes, instead of five, to avoid contracting the disease.
  • We can expect COVID-19 to infect 60% – 70% of Americans. That’s around 200 million Americans.
  • We can expect between 800,000 and 1.6 million Americans to die in the next 18 months if we don’t have a successful vaccine.
  • There is no guarantee of an effective vaccination and even if we find one, it may only give short term protection.
  • Speeding a vaccination into production carries its own risks.
  • The darkest days are still ahead of us. We need moral leadership, the command leadership that doesn’t minimize what’s before us but allows everyone to see that we’re going to get through it.

Two Missouri hairstylists didn’t infect anyone despite cutting the hair of dozens. The secret? Mask wearing and distancing, or so it seems.


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Becker’s hospital review just published the new Covid19 USA state hot spots - most likely related to reopening. The active cases and new diagnosed are increasing



My new favorite Banksy


Georgia would be on there, too, if they weren’t withholding the info.


I spent some time earlier this week with someone from small town GA. Person is in high risk group. Person engaged in high risk behavior—socializing inside at crowded bar, no mask while shopping, while dining outside not using hand sanitizer (I placed on center of table) after touching menu and before eating.

Stated didn’t know anyone who had gotten Covid-19, thought we should be treating this like flu, isolation & slow reopening were liberal plots to ruin economy…oh and BLM was not addressing a real problem, was a ruse for anti-government group

I will be more aggressively distancing from that person.

Sadly the opinions voiced are all too common. We all are entitled to our opinions but I felt like I was being put at risk


I’m reading a lot of anti-mask sentiment from people in… let’s call it “privileged classes.” They might be white, rural, rich, good health, young, low BMI, whatever. Not a race thing strictly but people who feel they have a low chance of becoming ill, or if they do, they are unlikely to have serious consequences. But they are also anti science as the best current knowledge is that masks offer some protection from other people. So people who aggressively refuse to wear masks are anti other people’s right to health and safety. Thank dog you were outside.

There are facts, opinions and lies. Saying it’s a a liberal plot to ruin the economy is a lie.


Meanwhile, yesterday Arizona announced over 1,600 new cases. No, don’t tell me it due to testings…it due to their dismay that they would have to stay inside while their beautiful spring weather, before it got hot, would have to sun shiney itself to nobody.


Truth. The best defense is to stay healthy and get the extra weight down.

Best defense is to stay home. People going to parties, bars, church, vacations, etc are all taking chances and spreading disease. Being obese and otherwise unhealthy makes is more likely that you will die or have lasting ill effects.


I appreciate your bullet about speeding a vaccine and the potential effectiveness. The panic these numbers will instill is sure to force a vaccine out with inadequate testing. I saw an article saying that the FDA would approve vaccines with 50% effectiveness. That sounds like Russian roulette.

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