The "Paid Out" figure in your earnings for the year

When you go to “earnings” , you are given a “paid out” figure for the year. Does that figure have the 3% or whatever service fee taken out that is subtracted with every booking?

Question 2: When you see that figure “paid out” , are the cleaning fees in that figure that we charged?

From Earnings, go to View Transaction History then to Download CSV. That will show you your breakdown. But the short answer is yes, “paid out” is what you received. The service fee has already been taken.
I don’t have a cleaning fee, so can’t help you with that. But take a look at one of the entries on the CSV and compare it to what your own books show. Then you will know for sure how the reporting works.

That “Paid Out” figure you are referring to does not include the host service fee or the cleaning fee. The service fee has already been deducted and the cleaning fee is not added in. If you download the CSV as @lawre mentioned you will see a column for each: payout, service fee and cleaning fee.

OH! Thanks! I’m doing my taxes. I didn’t know the cleaning fee was not added in to that “paid out” figure. Now I will add it in. I did download the CSV; I need to study it more thoroughly.

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