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The new Business Travel designation, anyone?

I just got my business travel designation.Wondering if anyone else has it and if it increased business? Im usually sold out every weekend all year but have some available days during the week…thought maybe business travelers would book it.The only downfall I see is that I probably wont get the second person 10 fee since most business travelers are alone.On the other hand I was told if they cancel we keep the fee and also they dont get penalized so Im hoping some will cancel and I can keep the money!

@diamond54 I believe we were part of the Beta for the business traveler program in SF. We pretty much only get business travelers, mainly one person is here for work and they bring their family. Most of the bigger tech companies in SF prefer for their employees to book via Air and some even give kick backs to employees. We also get groups of traveling coworkers, usually 2 max since we have a 2 bedroom condo, during some of the crazy convention weeks we will get up to 4, usually all women who don’t mind sharing beds. We love the business traveler as they don’t care about price, are never home, and generally leave the house in tip top shape.

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We are more or less the same. Although we’re in a huge tourist area, we get plenty of guests who are coming into town for conferences. They usually bring a partner to combine it with a short vacation.

I have Business Travel designation and it’s had very little impact on my business. It’s nice to have the little briefcase but so far I haven’t noticed any bookings because of it - people aren’t telling me ‘we are coming to town for business’ in any case, so maybe it is working and I just don’t know it…

I wish there was a way to tell whether or not its working;I notice very few hosts have that designation! Like maybe one out of 40;whereas I notice there are more and more hosts qualifying for superhost so…its not that special anymore IMHO. Reviews are what really make the difference.I work hard to pull a good review out of a guest;not a one liner.I have had most of the people tell me the reason they booked was because I had awesome reviews.Most of my reviews are lengthy and detailed;that helps for guests when they are deciding.Most everyone has good reviews what counts are the indepth lengthy reviews why the host is great and what makes my place unique. I thought the little suitcase designation might help as I had heard that 30% of bookings at hotels are business…also most are during mid week , not weekend.I never worry about weekends I always book that ;its the few orphan days during the week I would like to sell. I have always had business travelers anyway but would like more because they are easy. Airbnb also lets them cancel WITHOUT penalty; which means you still get paid and you are more likely to get cancellations on business vs no business which is a win win because you can double dip and resell the space. The business traveler pays a higher rate to airbnb for that cancellation privilege.

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