The most profitable Airbnb locations in the USA

Hi Everyone,
I spent the better part of a year trying to answer this question myself and after popular demand I’m sharing it with everyone.
I analysed how much every single Airbnb listing in the US earned over the past 12 months (don’t ask how I got the info) and then compared it to local rental and home prices.
The result is something pretty cool. Check it out here.

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This is great! I would love to see a listing of major internal cities as well! I Airbnb all over the world and would love to use that as a reference,

We are adding 150 international cites in the 10 days and counting. What cities are you interested in checking out?

A more recent companion article. Worth noting Santa Monica and other cities are falling fast due to new regulations. In contrast AZ is a state that has overturned local bans (other than HOA’s) to open up STR.

I disagree. Stay local where u r not at the mercy of prop mgrs and remote workers

Find a reasonable tourist/urban area with favorable regulations. Stick with lower cost properties in decent areas.

I paid $135k duplex for $65k gross and $280k mfh for $120k gross. Of course, this not count furniture or building preparation. And cleaning is separately billed to client.

Occupancy not important, revenue is.

I am not in a hot VR destination. It is hard to pay $500k and make really good gross to match.

Does your statement still apply today or have things changed?.. “Do not ask how you got the info”?

I was actually interested in knowing how you are gathering data on how much a short term rental earns. Especially in areas that have a high repeat clientel and owners may use a popular regional site, and minimally use ABB and VRBO just to fill in gaps. Example, the Cape Cod area. A lot of owners do well with the WeNeedAVacation local regional site and they have a lot of the same families send checks year after year. They may only get a few bookings a year through an OTA. How do you determine?

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