The most popular airbnb in each state in the usa

Has anyone on here made the list? It would be fun to try them all!

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Probably not likely as many of us aren’t in the U.S. :slight_smile:

would be interesting to have top tips from people…i’ve stayed in a few good ones and some terrible ones…and walked out on one…people on the forum should add their listing to their name though would be great to see each others’ places…just an idea )

People have already added their listing in a previous thread. Not everyone likes to be identified though.

Also some hosts like me have a link to their listing in their signature.

will try to look it up

yes woudl be nice for everyone to have their listing in their signature. i do look ever so often but seems its a minority

I want to thank you, StP. You were the one who gave me the idea about the taking a ferry from Helsinki. We would have done it to go see StP but they don’t open them to you until late March. So we did Estonia and had a GREAT time. The ferry was totally a highlight. Not only was it like a fine cruise ship experience, We absolutely loved breaking through the ice…so cool!

Another time we will come to Russia, and hopefully our two countries will get along and they still let tourists come! :rofl:

I would have missed seeing Estonia and going on the ferry if it had it not been for your suggestions. Just another way this forum has helped in wonderful ways!!!


great you had a fab time…and we are waiting for you in st pete…btw, you’re a star of the forum…wouldnt be the same without you!..always look forwards to ur posts. xx

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When we do come, it might be just two of us, so we could stay with you after all. Our friends are too worried about coming due to damned politics. :tired_face::weary: We shall keep in touch!

And thank you, you are too kind. I’m only a humble host who likes the help other hosts avoid some of the painful learning curves I endured or to commisserate bad guests or situations! :two_hearts::grinning:

We want to go to Russia, too! Sadly, relations with the US are deteriorating lately which is troubling. Things just keep escalating;

I just now read that! We cannot go if they are closing consulates and booting diplomats!!! That means if you got in trouble no one can help. Also, I bet the state dept (what’s left of it) is putting it on the warning list. DAMN!!!

My son is wanting to be a diplomat, but not under this administration! He doesn’t relish reporting to Ivanka Trump. Now maybe if he were a handbag designer that would be more appropriate. Oh wait, she doesn’t actually do that either! :rofl::rofl:

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As Helsi said, some people here are quite open about doing that. I also have my listing linked to my profile.

There is also a special thread for that as well. Not sure where it got to.
I don’t have mine visible due to past harassment and stalking. Just never can tell.