The most important elements in AIrbnb photos and Airbnb verified photos

Sharing this article which is pretty interesting about Airbnb verified photos.

4 data scientists from the US (Carnegie Melon) examined changes in 510,000 Airbnb photos for a 16 month period.

Here are the details:

In general, there are 3 components that matter:

  1. Your photo’s composition

  2. The Color

  3. The Figure-Ground Relationship (can people tell the difference between your walls and your bed?)

There are also 12 attributes to adjust which are covered in the article.

Hope this article is useful!


It’s quite long! Reads like it needs editing.

Only started it, but the words “Verified Photo” are quite faint under the photo. People don’t even read the descriptions under the photos.

Jess1, and that’s the summary of the study! OK, it’s a little technical for me, but I was able to grasp what he was talking about. I was just going to go do more photos for a second listing (campsite!) so I will try to incorporate these ideas. So it was a timely posting.

Thanks for the post Cyn!

@Lynnie I’m the writer of that post so I can try to fill in some gaps :slight_smile:

Verified photos aren’t a must, but the study just found that when a verified photo that was uploaded by a professional photographer to the Airbnb platform made a positive difference in terms of bookings.

So it’s more important to be mindful of the 12 attributes more than anything. Since not everyone can access verified photos because of their location.

Hope that helps!


It is very interesting