The most comfortable Channel Manager

Hello there everybody.

Colleagues, please share your experience and recommendations of CHANNEL MANAGER. We have 5 apartments and most of our reservations come from Nevertheless, we use AirBnB, Home&Away, Expedia and Agoda.

Recently we have been using Hostaway, but the system is incomplete. The real time sync is bugs. Thank you.

We are using hostaway so can’t help you so much.
I also saw beds24 that can be a good solution but can’t work with us (dynamic price issue with different prices depending number of guests) but can be good

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We have tried it too, but usually we are not sold out and we have to drop down the price as a last minute booking within same day check in. So once I decrease the price it did not deacrease on booking as well, then had to disconnect from them. Their menu and UI is also comfortable, but after while of using it started lagging.

Hi Aziz,

Actually, you do not necessarily need a Channel manager to cope with your properties. AirGSM Property Management Software can be an ideal solution for you. As a channel manager, it has multi-platform synchronization. So you can sync all calendar data from VRBO, HomeAway,, TripAdvisor, or any short-term rental booking platform. What is more important in AirGMS you can find much more useful features than none of the channels managers have. For instance, you can manage all your Airbnb chats in one place. The platform has deep integration with Airbnb, so you can easily do almost all actions you would normally do on Airbnb. And the most important you can manage your staff and cleaning services via AirGMS. You don’t have to make a choice right away. Give it a try with 14-days free trial and you’ll figure if that’s what you are looking for.

Hope it helps.



I can advice you Effective Tours. They give a 6 month free trial. And after it charging just 1$ per room for All Inclusive Package. So 5 apartments with all major OTA + Airbnb will be 5$ per month.

Do you work for them?

Depends on what you are looking for.

I use
This is more like classic hotelsoftware with a channelmanager.

We chose this one because most of our bookings are direct, and we handle most of our payments ourselves.

Since AirBnB, Homeaway and others work with iCal, there is no such thing as real time synchronization of calendars with them., IHA and others have direct interface, where calendars can be pushed upon change, but AirBnB will always have a delay (and so a risk of double bookings).

Helsi, yes I do. Would be happy to answer your questions.

@Aziz_Hakimov there are only a handful of solutions out there if you want seamless integration, and no syn problems. Here’s the list:
Avantio - The complete system developed with professional agencies in mind
Supercontrol - Innovative Property Management Software for ambitious holiday rental managers
Xotelia - All-in-one system for B&B, guest house, apartment, and vacation rental owners
Net2Rent - The comprehensive management program for agencies in the rental market
Arkiane - Software publisher for tourism and real estate
Rentals United - Automated vacation rental distribution for 40+ niche and mainstream websites
North America
Streamline - VR software by property managers for property managers
OneRooftop** - Provides leading online booking software and websites for vacation rental businesses.
Ciirus - All-in-one vacation rental software made easy
Maxxton - Enterprise resource planning system for all your operational needs
Barefoot - Providing leadership, vision, and technology in the industry for 16 years

We are using hostaway and very happy of it.

If you are connecting booking dot com and Airbnb, then Booking Automation is your best bet. They also automate your payment collection and payment processing for booking dot com

Hi Aziz,

I’ve been using HotelRunner and am quite please to work with them.

And as you mentioned, they have connectivity with all the channels you listed, , Expedia, Agoda, Home&Away, plus many more.

Im personally connected to 9 channels myself.