The little zing

I know this forum is very useful for hosts with problems. But it’s not all about problems.

I just want to say this: Every time I hear the Airbnb “zing” on my phone, I’m happy. We’ve had several guests since we reopened, and we have reservations into the future.

The zing sound is very cheerful to me.


For us this past week or so it’s been the Airbnb ping, and the BDC gong.

After a fairly shit year or so, we’ve got one apartment at 93% for July and 87% for August. We could fill July by taking one nighters, but won’t, and the last few days in August will go.

The other apartment, with twin beds, is lagging a bit, 54% and 62% respectively this morning, but we just had a couple of Airbnb pings this afternoon for it so I’m hopeful it’ll catch up.

Having seen our infection rate stats today I’m amazed anyone wants to come!

Happy days…



Ironically I heard my little phone zing just as I was reading this. I usually appreciate the sound, but occasionally I get a needy, inquiring guest who drives me nuts with a new zing every few seconds.


The sound of money!!


Someone wants to hire a violinist to serenade her husband on his birthday morning here.


I was there when our pandemic restrictions lifted, but I’m all jaded now. Non-reader, new-user, local guests are grinding me down. I ask my phone, “What now?” in the nastiest voice when it pings, then write a polite, “I understand, but no, I’m afraid not. As you will have read on the listing…”
My phone sees me for the hypocrite I am. The targeted ads are recommending therapy.
I do think it is cool that travel is picking up and people are getting good guests. I’ll come around. :slight_smile:


Thank you for that.
I was having a bit of anxiety reading some issues.
However, I’m glad this forum allows learning opportunities which makes it invaluable…
Thank you all

Funniest post of July 2021! I am thankful that I was not drinking when I read “targeted ads are recommending therapy”.
You get 3 Hearts, despite the 1 heart per person limitation.