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The information on this Airbnb page isn't accurate - how should I report it?

See Airbnb: How can I see or change the cancellation policy for my listing?.

This incorrectly says that the Cancellation Policy is under
Your Listings > Manage Listing and Calendar > Terms.

In fact, it’s under ‘Check-in’. I don’t see anything called ‘Terms’ under ‘Calendar’.

I checked not helpful on that page, and it bought up a bunch of options, including not accurate, which I then clicked. It didn’t ask me to give any further information, which would have been the obvious thing.

I think Airbnb needs to

(a) Make sure the information they have online is accurate.

(b) Work on their user reporting interface.

Is there any other, better way I could report this?

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Many of the guides in their help section are outdated. It can’t hurt to let them know when you spot such an item.

Hi @felixcat,

Ok. Any suggestions about how to do this? https://www.airbnb.co.in/help/contact_us doesn’t seem to have a suitable topic.

There’s usually a button somewhere on the page for topics not covered in the dropdown list.

@felixcat Do you see one on this page? Cos I don’t.

@faheem You’re absolutely right that AirBnB could improve this system, and thanks for spotting this error. I think in this case, unfortunately, the best we can do is just encourage other users to flag the page as inaccurate, and hope AirBnB get around to fixing it soon.

I’ve flagged it and I hope other forum users will too.

Thanks, @Lucy_R. I think there must be a suitable email address I could write to. If anyone happens to know of one, let me know. You’d think a multi-billion company that relies heavily on online documentation would make more effort to keep up to date.

And filing bugs is what I do, though I prefer to file them for free software. :slight_smile:

If you find one let us know :slightly_smiling:

AirBnB seem to be pretty cagey when it comes to contact, and instead are encouraging users to help one another (community.airbnb.com is full of UI questions, albeit often posted in the wrong place, in response to unrelated topics).

To be honest, the kind of questions that pop up on community.airbnb.com make me understand why AirBnB don’t make their customer service dept. easy to contact :wink: It’s a shame they have to miss out on useful input like this though.

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I was reporting a bug on the app this morning and the email for that was host_feedback_ios@airbnb.com

I doubt the iOS and web teams are close, but I suppose if the mistake is also listed on the app it might be worth reporting there.

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Hi @Lucy_R,

Thanks, I sent an email to that address. It reads as follows. If I get a response I’ll update this thread.


Subject: Error on Airbnb web page


I’m not sure where to report the following - Airbnb should make errors on web pages easier to report, seeing how heavily it uses said web pages as a way to inform hosts and guests. Either that, or make more effort to keep them up to date.

Someone mentioned the existence of this address, so I thought it would do no harm to report it here. Please pass it on to the appropriate people. Thanks.


See the Airbnb page: https://www.airbnb.co.in/help/article/475/how-can-i-see-or-change-the-cancellation-policy-for-my-listing

This incorrectly says that the Cancellation Policy is under
Your Listings > Manage Listing and Calendar > Terms.

In fact, it’s under ‘Check-in’. I don’t see anything called ‘Terms’ under ‘Calendar’.

Regards, Faheem Mitha

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If you happen to use Twitter, they are supposedly quick to reply when you tweet at them.

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Hi @felixcat,

No, I don’t currently use Twitter. But I suppose I could. Thanks for the tip. If anyone else feels like sending them a tweet, please link it here.

It is under Calendar, but not in the usual manner, meaning as a choice on the left of the page; look at upper right corner once in Calendar; two new settings option choices will appear.

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean. On the upper right hand corner of the Calendar page are “Availability settings” and “Pricing settings”. Neither of these settings appear to have the Cancellation Policy in them.

My Lord, I just did this yesterday; I can’t get to ‘Terms’ today, since forgot how I got there. Talking about un-intuitive.

Update: see under Check In, not Calendar, at the bottom: ‘Cancellation Policy’.

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