The Human Smell

I recently blocked my Air to deep clean; I’m talking blacklight clean. All drains were sanitized, the suite was 100% odor free. My first guest since left yesterday, wonderful guests, btw. But when I opened the door to clean, whoa! Smelt like a steam room full of…dunno, locker room? After airing it out all day, Lysol spray through-out the day and every surface sanitized, it was finally gone. Upon re-entering today, ugggh…how do I get rid of it? I currently have a large pan with white vinegar sitting on the dresser, any suggestions?

Fabrics, carpet, rugs and curtains all absorb smell - what have you done with these?

Use the search feature to check previous threads on this, there have been many. Since airing out didn’t work it seems you need to locate the source? Is this a whole home, just a room?

@Debthecat I don’t have carpet, but the rug and curtains have been sprayed with Lysol numerous times. The guest were only here for 3 nights!

It is a guest suite, less than 300 sq ft. I once had a heavy snorer stay for 3 nights and it took a good week for that smell to dissipate. I did the search, yes, numerous threads, thank you. Activated carbon seems to be the ticket

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After reading about it here I did buy multiple bags which I have in several rooms. It’s hard for me to tell how effective it is since I use several strategies but my feeling is that it does indeed help. During winter when things are closed up is a bit of a challenge for me. I also have a HEPA air cleaner that I’ll put in the guest room and turn on high for as many hours as I can between guests. It’s concerning to have a smell dissipate and return after the guest is gone.

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Lysol only masks the smell, just like air freshners. Body odors will linger to many surfaces. Make sure all surfaces are wiped down with a disinfected wipe or a clothe with a cleaning compound. Make sure you wash any mattress protectors, window treatments will need to be cleaned also, if you have drapes you can try fra-breez or something like. But Lysol spray will just mask the smell until it wear off. Smell the pillows including any decorated ones. If necessary throw them in the wash if possible or throw them in the dryer with a dryer sheet.

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If push comes to shove take a floor mop with lemon juice and baking powder and quickly swab the walls. Also, continue to leave the windows open.


“The oil from eucalyptus plants is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, therefore it’s great to use places that are closed off and tend to get musty. Place a few branches in closets and other musty places in your home to deodorize the air and breathe more easily” ---- branches work in you live in Oz or have one growing in your yard.
But for that stinky stays & the guests are arriving in 4 hours: eucalyptus oil & water in a spray bottle to freshen mattresses, pillows, wool blankets & clean door knobs etc. I add it to the clothes washer & add it to the diffuser. It is powerful stuff so research how to use it. Works on great on stinky hockey equipment and the like.
I second the activated carbon too…


Have you tried sprinkling the rugs with baking soda? I also use a steamer on the carpet with grapefruit essential oil which is anti bacterial. I have started deducting cleanliness stars for persistent smells.

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The odor wasn’t coming from drapes, pillows, rugs, etc. Even the sheets didn’t smell. The air itself was foul and leaving a pan of white vinegar in the room for 3 days seemed to take care of it. It reminds me of the “snore smell,” that took a full week to resolve. Sounds crazy, but fingers crossed!

Once the air has changed, about an hour or two with the window wide open, the smell is definitely not from the air! It will be coming from one of the surfaces or fabrics in the room, even if you can’t smell which one it is.

Thanks for the eucalyptus tip, I will try this! I just found this recipe:

_Room Air Freshener – Mix a quarter of a teaspoon (about 15 drops) of eucalyptus oil with a half teaspoon of vodka, place in a large atomiser/spray bottle and add 2 cups of water

Do you think the vodka adds something?

No I don’t think it adds anything, it is used as a suspension for the oil, 70% -90% rubbing alcohol will work, this is so the oil does not sit on top of the h20.

Ah, that makes sense. No need to waste vodka! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The vodka preserves and disperses the essential oil.