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The house sleeps TWELVE!

Multiple declines lately.
I allow children over 12 in my Victorian Catastrophe.
Multiple requests to book with lots of children under 12.
Latest request
8 adults
4 children
4 infants
And the zero review guest is insisting that I allow him to book as his infants don’t count!


One adult per child and infant- what could possibly go wrong? :rofl:


Standing firm on the children limits this year, last year, gave in and allowed families with young children! Disrespectful parents with badly behaved children and damage!


This is where GUEST lost me. Complete silence followed by the (drumroll please)…BLOCK :skull_and_crossbones:

Any GUEST who is “insisting” I allow them to break my rules is dead to me.


New to the platform, doesn’t get how it works and is trying to book it like a hotel.
Also a touch of misogyny in his communication… I want to talk to the MAN in charge.
Children under 12 should be free…. Like a hotel….
My house, my rules … so sad too bad - see ya!


Well, I dropped the ball AND I feel like a hypocrite now! I totally forgot a guy who booked me 2 months ago for Thanksgiving never replied to my “names/ages/trip purpose message”. This post jogged my memory!

I just messaged him, including getting the acknowledgment of reading and abiding by the house rules, and sure enough, one kid is outside my allowed range (3 yrs old, other is 1). The guy knew, too. He instantly gave his “good parent/guest resume”.

So, I’m a hypocrite because I didn’t boot him (mostly because he IB’d 2 months ago & I dropped the ball to follow up).

I replied:
“Thanks, “GUEST”!

Ok, but please do be extra watchful with “3 YEAR OLD”. For liability purposes, I have to reiterate to you the disclaimer & listing notice that the house is not child safe for mobile children under age 13. There are potential dangers/breakables (sharp corners, choking hazards, glass, etc). Take precautions outside, as well (rocks, bricks, fire ants, sharp things, etc).

With that full disclosure, we do look forward to your visit and will reach out as your trip draws near.

Best Regards,

In honesty, I can tell I’d have let him keep the booking previously because he was quite humble in his reply. His parents (the grands) will be there also. 4 adults. 2 kids. 1 little rule breaker. Good $$$. I feel fine about it but if I’m wrong I’ll let y’all know next month. Or if he cancels (I have a relaxed policy on VRBO).

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GTFO!!! No! That’s not a “touch”. That’s a big fat backhand to the face. Please tell us you blocked him; that that is what you meant by “see ya!”? PLEEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEE!!!


Declined the booking, would rather have it empty than deal with an entitled, demanding guest!
The newbie members of Airbnb really think that they are dealing with a hotel.
I have also turned off instant bookings for 2 listings as I am over people booking with children, that don’t mention them until you ask… aren’t they FREE!


See ya from down under is like…
Bye Felishia….!


Super torn over this. I’ve had it off for over a year but turned it back on because of all the stats they always send us saying it will increase bookings. Admittedly, it has, but I totally see where people use it w/o regarding rules they feel are bendable. And because as a host I’m not wanting to rack up cancellations (or maybe they don’t realize this? I’d have platform CS cancel in these cases anyway).

I have someone now who was too young to book. He IB’d anyway. I sent the “name/age/purpose/rules” message. He was truthful. I immediately told him he’s too young but he has 9 stellar reviews (& left great host reviews) so I’d allow the booking. He was super thankful and professional. He is on a biz trip with 3 other young people. And in honesty one was old enough to book so why make it hard for them. They pulled up in a Tesla and nice/quiet for a 5 day booking thus far. So, for now IB is on, but time will tell…UPDATE: This “too young” group - TERRIBLE! Smoke, damage, almost caused fire, etc. IB still on but clearly I need to stick to my rules (and yes, I realize older people do the same stuff, but this rule works for us…when we follow it)


One of the reasons to turn it off is I have guests who wanted to arrive Christmas Day… and a very late arrival….
Unlikely to be any any fit state to do the meet and greet on Christmas Day.

Personally, we like the “blame the 3rd party approach” - the actual truth can be that it is your business policy (your stay = your rules). But people don’t like hearing “no” from YOU. So make it something that you have no control over and they can’t argue against.
So whatever the subject, just express it to a guest as "sorry we can not accommodate X (being almost anything) as “not allowed by our insurance”. It totally bypasses whatever Air’s policies and T&Cs might be, and you are not “the bad guy”. You are not the “one saying no” (don’t shoot the messenger).


Run from this guest! I like the suggestion about citing your insurance.


A touch??? I have in my listings, as I’m sure that most of us do, that we accept all guests regardless of nationality, religion, sexual preferences, race blah bla blah but I don’t say anywhere that I accept misogynistic gits. And I’d have been happy to tell him so. :roll_eyes:


Oh look, I fixed that for you m’dear.




Fortunately, they aren’t a protected class. Well, not anymore at least.


No, but they are here, sadly. While it’s an unofficial status, it’s evident in daily life.

Anyway, I should have been castigated for using that old British term of endearment, i.e. m’dear, as apparently that is now considered misogynistic.

Someone on here took exception to it if I remember correctly.

Probs why I used it…



There is always someone on here to take an exception to just about anything.

Terms of endearment are not sexist to me. Especially dear which I would apply to women, men, children and dogs equally. Let those naysayers have their cold and rude world if they want, but I prefer a world with terms of endearment and affection. Don’t sweat it Papi :wink:

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OK querida, entendido :wink:

Usually with my fairly industrial language, although I’ve sneaked a few in, in either Turkish or Spanish :blush:



Lol, “A touch of misogyny?” I’d say! It galls me to think that this still permeates our society. There oughta be a law… :rage:

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