The 'house manual'... where do the guests see this?

Is this printed in their confirmation email? Or is it online and they have to connect to the link?

My problem is how to get this to the guest - it has info on where to park, etc.

  1. is it called
    the house manual’?

  2. is it found directly on their confirmation email?
    thanks all

After guests book, they should receive an email with a Travel Itinerary and that includes the date, directions, house rules, house manual, etc.

For important information like check in/out times, how to access the lockbox, parking, etc. I always send a separate message to the guests closer to the check in date. A lot of guests seem to ignore the Travel Itinerary and some don’t pay attention to the separate message I send them.

I also have a House Manual folder in all my units with frequently asked questions, transportation information, guide to the neighborhood, etc.

thanks. I got a guest yesterday telling me that she continually ‘clicked on the house manual link’ and was sent to the website. What do you suppose was happening? I mentioned many times how it was simply printed at the bottom of the confirmation email…

I use Airbnb when I travel and all I ever had to do was print out the confirmation because all the information was on there. I’ve been noticing lately though that a lot of guests don’t even bother reading the confirmation email or the automated information they’re sent.

I think airbnb has change something recently with regards to where the guest finds the house manual. I used to never have a problem with guests finding the instructions for themselves but now EVERY SINGLE ONE can never find the house manual.

Do you know if there is a way to automatically send them this information once their reservation is confirmed? It has created a TON of extra work for me.

You’re right. I used Airbnb when I traveled mid-November and received an automated email with the House Manual, etc. listed in the email. My sister used Airbnb a week ago and in order to see the House Rules and Manual, you have to click on a link.

The new rule is all house rules should be in your “additional rules” space on the Booking section. It is against air bnb policy to not reveal all house rules to guests before they book.