The Guest From Hell

I guess I should feel lucky. But, what a horrific story.

I saw that? Holy freekin crap.

I’m so pleased they caught this degenerate. Sickening.


I found it interesting that in the article it says “Airbnb spokesman Benjamin Breit told the Daily News that all guest and hosts are screened “globally against regulatory, terrorist, and sanctions watch lists.” Guests and hosts in the U.S. are also checked for sex offender registrations, felony convictions and significant misdemeanors.”

I thought they didn’t do any checks of that sort. Anyway plenty of molesters victimize children known to them and are never caught so have no record.


If I had a 7 year old daughter, or a daughter or son in my house,
I would never allow a stranger to sleep under my roof.
Just sayin’


Many people with small children are Airbnb hosts. Most people are not child molesters. Otherwise we as a human race will be in trouble.


Here is AirBNB’s statement about background checks. I would not count on their ability to do anything comprehensive based on this page.

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Yana is correct. Plus, the vast majority of pedophiles molest children to whom have a lot of access (priest, coach, etc.).

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I am sure that many hosts have children. Without a doubt.
They will do what they feel is right. My opinion won’t change anything.
But I would not have strangers sleeping in my house if my kids were small and lived with me.


no question about it. Absolutely.