The good and the bad of hosting

Right now I’m fuming because our guests, who leave this morning after a two night stay and live two hours away and are going back home after this visit, just put their third load of laundry in our washer and dryer. What the heck?! Did they bring all of their dirty laundry from home to use our washer/dryer. So incredibly rude!!!

Okay, on the good side, we had the most wonderful guests you could ask for. Not only were they kind, quiet and clean, they were soooo appreciative of our hospitality. They thanked us for our hospitality several times and, get this, left us two thank you gifts with a sweet note. One of the gifts was in keeping with our bike theme. It was so darn stinking sweet. I was so touched by their thoughtfulness and appreciation. Wish everyone was like that.

Hi @TallinSeattle

I stopped offering laundry because guests abused it.

If you are going to offer it then limit what you offer. ie. one load for guests staying a week, two loads for those staying two weeks.

Absolutely out of order to do three loads for two nights. Do you not limit it at all? I wouldn’t offer it to guests staying less than a week.

I would check out where your local laundrette is as include details in your guest welcome pack.

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Great idea. Not sure i could monitor it because the washer and dryer are in the basement suite. I’m so stinking mad. So incredibly rude!!

I’m not surprised

I would definitely restrict in your house rules.

Presumably if you know they’ve done three washes you must be able to hear it, so can say something.

Seems like you are in the wrong business if 3 loads of laundry makes you mad. How much does that cost you, maybe $5?

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I’m afraid I don’t agree with your comment at all @Brandt.

If you take into account washing powder conditioner, electricity and wear and tear, in the UK you’d probably be looking at about 4 pounds a wash, so 12 pounds for a three night stay.

If you are on a cheap daily rate, that could massively eat into your profits.

Guests on a three night stay who live locally have no reason to have to do one wash let alone three. Here we would say they are ‘taking the pXXs’.


I personally can understand this gripe…

I rent out 4 separate guest rooms in my place and sometimes that means 4 or more loads of laundry per day. It simply would not be practical for me to offer use of the washer as one of the amenities. For guests staying 6 days or longer I alow it. But for travellers staying a night or 2, there’s no telling how many loads they’ll want to do and no easy way to police it. When asked, I simply explain that it’s a very old washer that’s prone to breaking down / trapping the clothes inside for indefinite periods (this is actually true :wink: ). It’s not such a big deal since there’s a pretty decent local laundrette close by…

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The original poster lives in Seattle, Washington. I live in Los Angeles, CA. I permit guests unlimited laundry. It doesn’t bother me when guests do multiple loads in a day. I just remember all the guests who didn’t use the washing machine and dryer and figure it balances out. For us, the amount it costs us per load is less than a dollar.

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For me, it’s not so much the cost, although our water and electricity bill has skyrocketed since opening our rental. But, I don’t understand why someone staying for two nights who lives two hours away and is returning home in one day needs to wash three loads of laundry. To me it’s just selfish and taking advantage.


Yes, I can. Perhaps it would be better if I couldn’t. Ignorance is bliss.

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Talin, we have heard of guests who rent a place SPECIFICALLY to bring their laundry. Why? Because if they go to the neighboring laundrette, they will pay at least $5-6 to wash and dry one load. If you do the math and have several loads, you might as well bring it to Talin’s rental and relax for the evening while the loads are going! No, I am being serious.

If the washer and dryer are in a guest accessible place, lock them up, unplug them or turn them off at their breakers. :smile:

There are some hosts here who don’t mind it but others who started out offering it, as with kitchens, and then removed them because of abuse.

There ARE guests out there who will book your place just to do laundry and save money doing so!


No kitchen, no laundry, needs to much policing!

Laundry wasn’t an issue for my recient guest…trash was. Four guest were coming to town for two nights to “celebrate my nephews wedding”.

The 4 guestsl arrived in a 12 passenger van filled to the brim with wedding flowers, decorations, and…the cake.

After removing all the shelves from my fridge they used it to keep the cake and the flowers chilled for the evening.

A procession on marching guests made dozens of trips to and fro unloading raw materials for table decor needed to create table decorations for the several hundred wedding guest’s tables.

After the wedding these sweet guests, bless their heart, rounded up the decor remenants at the wedding facility and using yard leaf trash bags they took from my home bagged up said decor remenants and transported them back to my home.

The inside of the home was littered with flower pedals and not a slice of wedding cake in sight darn it!

On the plus side, they didn’t use the kitchen at all so I used that time to handle the trash, including a very large selection of unused decor items with price tags still attached which my daughter is selling on eBay.

Maybe the lesson is that it’ll all work out.


Now you have a new side business :joy:


Love that attitude. I don’t see many people posting here about the guest who didn’t take a shower or use the TV but there are plenty of complaints if someone uses more than their share!


Saying that, I never understand the ones who don’t shower but I sure appreciate not having the wash the towels :ok_hand:


I have a lot of one night guests who are just making a pit stop in my town. I assume they showered that morning before arriving and will shower when they reach their destination that night. But if they don’t shower but once every two or three days I’m fine with that as well.

I wash the towels anyway because just because they look unused doesn’t mean they are.

Haaa, I knew you’d say something to that effect :wink:

I roll them up in a very particular way so that I know if they’ve been touched or not. I’m all about saving the planet, me :+1:

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I also wash the towels even when I know for sure that they weren’t used. If the new guest finds even one stray hair on a towel they will assume that I gave them used towels.

This is the sort of costs I think is the case in most of Britain too, say a couple of pounds at most, all included.