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The Goldilocks Challenge to find the right length for your listing description

Nobody knows or cares more about your vacation rental than you do, and that’s great news for your guests. But having a deep connection to your property can make it tough for you to know what to include in – and what to leave out of – your vacation rental listing description.

That’s why we’re encouraging vacation rental managers and owners to take the Goldilocks Challenge. Follow these four steps to figure out what length for your listing is not too long, not too short, but just right. Find out how it works here: https://guesthook.com/goldilocks-challenge-for-vacation-rental-listing-description/

That is a compelling argument for clicking an unknown link.

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No thanks-- I quit buying pigs in pokes decades ago…


Hi Ken,

Guest Hook is a team of professional vacation rental copywriters, and the link is to a blog post that offers a method for balancing the right amount of detail in your listing description. There’s nothing here you need to buy, unlock or sign up for.

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