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The exact formula for the review deadline?

I need to leave a not wonderful review for a guest (fingernail polish and chocolate on comforters and blankets, white bleach spots on our red sectional, etc.) Right now we’re in dispute resolution.

In another thread, someone mentioned leaving the not wonderful review right before the deadline.

We have 14 days in which to write a review.

My guests left on the 11th. Does anyone know if I have to write the review by the 25th where the check out day would be counted), or by the end of the day on the 25th? My guess is the end of the day on the 25th. I don’t want to miss this deadline, as I’d like to help out other potential hosts.

Thanks for help with this elementary question.

If you don’t want to prompt a smack in return, wait until 11:58 or :59pm on the last review day in the guest time zone. Keeping in mind that it may not work if your time zone deadline is forward of the guest zone! In Hawaii, we are almost nearly the last time zone in the world, so this always works in my favor.

Really the best thing to do is call Airbnb CS and get the exact guest time zone deadline. Then write it and cut and paste into the review form just before the deadline so they don’t have time to reply.

However if they have already reviewed you, all of the above is moot and just write your own review of them.

I feel your pain though. I hate the whole review process. I’m hosting a Wimdu guest now and am so much more relaxed knowing there is not an intimidating review to worry about.

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I’d also advise raising your price a bit or adding a “cleaning fee” so that these sorts of things don’t stress you out.

Me too. I know that I bang on here a lot about damage such as this being the cost of doing business, but I really believe it. To me, the rental fee plus the cleaning fee should cover the cost of the occasional replacement comforter and blanket. But I wonder how on earth they got bleach spots on a sectional? That’s bizarre.

Well the cleaning fee is not meant for damages. It’s meant to compensate the hard work you put into to getting your units ready for the guests. That’s work, make no mistake and you should be paid for your work.

As for the cost of doing business, that is up to individual hosts. Certain things are wear and tear and you can overlook (like chips in stoneware or minor stains on bedding.)

Big things are damage, they are not the cost of doing business.

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