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The dates in my calendar have been booked by a guest but


The dates in my calendar have been booked by a guest. But in my message history the status is “new”. The quest doesn’t replay to my messages.Also he is not into my “future transaction” which means that he hasn’t paid yet. I don’t know what is going on.


also my message status about him was from the beginning “new”. Not “pre-aproved” nor “accepted” nor “requirement” or “question”. I have very often guests but i had never before seen a status “new”. It was only for him.


Also i don’t know how i can free these dates. As there is nowhere a button to cancel about him


wish I could help; looking forward to an answer. Have you contacted airbnb?


I have had this before as well. Sometimes if there’s a delay in the guest’s payment being processed, it blocks the calendar but doesn’t show up in the future transactions as a confirmed booking - even if the guest has paid. The only way to confirm for sure if your guest isn’t replying to emails is to phone Airbnb. If you’ve received an email from Airbnb confirming the reservation then they have certainly paid.
The ‘New’ status you’re talking about - is it the guest’s name? I had a guest who didn’t fill in their name so the booking just kept coming up with ‘New’ has sent you an enquiry and ‘New’ has a confirmed booking. When I checked the details on the confirmation their name came up as New User!


Did this get fixed, Liberty?


Fortunately it was fixed. It was exactly the case that wilburforce described above. I hope it will not happen again…


So glad it’s fixed, and, I’ve learned something, too. That would have driven me a bit crazy!


Thank you very much for your interest!!!


Yes me too. Because both sides were asking the center about that and then i had to cancel my application to the center that i was asking from them to cancel my reservation also when it happens its better only one side to adress to the center…


I have had this happen to. Airbnb wasn’t satisfied with the new users info. He or she has entered dates and credit card. But Airbnb is now asking to see probably a copy of there ID. During the process this is what happens. They usually give them 24 hours to get it done before they delete the booking and free your calendar.

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