The Co-Host Assist Button

Is there a way that if I have a guest but for some reason at the last moment I cannot accommodate them I could push them to an equitable Airbnb host and get a share of the booking. Last week I had a guest that I’d built a great rapport with, he loved my property, and was looking forward to staying at my place. Unfortunately the gas failed at the complex and he wanted to cook while there for the week. I contacted AIrbnb and they helped him, however for me that was a loss of 470 dollars. I’d like to be able to capture at least half of that revenue if possible. If AirBnb could add an Host Beacon, where we could push the booking to another host, (with Guests consent of course) and the new host would get the booking minus a percentage given to original host

No they don’t.

However there is nothing to stop you identifying hosts in your local area whose properties you have viewed and whose hosting styles you are happy to recommend and seeing if you can come to an arrangement.

I think though it’s unreasonable to expect 50% commission for a property you are doing nothing but recommending. They don’t even recommend co-hosts get that and co-hosts are involved in managing the property.

In my area area, a group of us, who know each other and our properties recommend each other when we are full but don’t expect to get paid for it.

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I don’t understand why you would have got a percentage of the other host’s payment?

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Another way of looking at it…you could give the new host EXTRA money, for bailing you out at such short notice!

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So let me get this right, you cancel, inconvenience a guest who spent hours searching for your property and communicating with you, Airbnb sorts it out (kindly) and you want half the booking $. This is actually too funny :joy: :smile: :laughing:


Yeah, “something for nothing” is pretty funny. Not gonna happen. He wouldn’t want to give up 50% income if someone did that to him!


Many of your perspectives have no value. Its clear you didn’t understand the point. To be clear part of being an AirBnB host is building a trust and rapport with the guest. If I spent a good amount of time building that rapport,and the inconvenience to the guest was outside of my control, it only makes sense that I create a triple win scenario, the guest gets taken care of, a host who had “nothing” gets a guest and an opportunity to build upon an already stellar reputation (the review ) and I don’t take a complete loss due to something out side of my control. The percentages are fairly irrelevant, its something that as part of the process that could be negotiated between hosts behind the scenes. For the few of you making useless comments should be clearer on where they are posting things. This segment is called “Site Suggestions” meaning things I or a group of us would like to see added to the AirBnB site. If they do it or not, its simply something I as a host would like to see.Of all of the comments @Helsi had the most sensible and clearly understand what is being suggested to be added to the AirBnB Site.

If I step in to bail out a fellow host, potentially at the last minute, I wouldn’t want to then give them a cut. I suppose, in fairness, if someone helped me out in an emergency, I also wouldn’t expect them to give me a percentage, no matter what leg work they’d put in.
I was about to put my feet up for the weekend! :rofl:

“Site Suggestions” is… Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it. “This forum” being airhostsforum, which is not airbnb.

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Again, too funny! Please chillax a little, I’m not sure hospitality or this forum are right for you based on your statements on this thread :heart_eyes: