The biggest moans I've ever come across- expecting bad review

Had an older couple stay last night, a brief one night stay. Before they even got here, communication was poor. On the day of arrival (About 6am-yep 6am) they tried to ring me but I had phone on silent as sleeping. I tried to ring them back an hr later, but went straight to machine, so I sent an airbnb message, which i’d prefer to go through anyway. They contacted back after a few hours. They asked for an early check in as they wanted to park their car up etc. I said it wasnt possible, told them my check in time, and asked them to let me know if they would be checking in at 3pm or later in the day. I also mentioned there was parking right outside the apt building, and it was safe to park there, but I could let him into the apt parking later if he still needed. They didnt respond.I went to work. Again there was a missed call. I called them back straight away, it went straight to machine. I sent them an air message and a text in case they were out of a wifi zone… He responded an hour later saying they would be at the apt at 5pm. He said they went the coast road as he didnt want to park the car in the street! So basically before they even arrived they were judging the area as unsafe! Since they seemed a bit ditsy I sent them my address and full directions again.
At 3,45pm there’s another missed call (Bare in mind they know I’m working and i cannot take calls-messages yes). Anyway he left a machine message saying they were early and near the apt, but lost. (5mins away). I texted my partner to get him to call them as at this stage I was ready to wring their neck. He again give them directions to the apt. (Seemly they had no gps). My partner then had to get out of work to come round and let them in. Anyway my partner continued to be upbeat, but the woman just glared at him when he asked how their day was. Man said they were stressed.My partner showed them around the apt and said he had to go back to work. What are you doing later?, the man questioned. My partner said he was meeting friends after work.
To cut a long story short, we were both in, in the evening. They came back from dinner early and complained he made a mess in the toilet and needed a toilet brush! (Can you believe that, I was writing on this forum about a toilet brush yday lol). Anyway I said I didnt have one as I found them unhygienic. I give him some toilet bleach and spray.
During the evening the woman came out of her room to get water. I asked her how she was, she said she was tired. I had a summer dress on, and she said she’d liked my top! Bare in mind this was knee length. I said it’s actually a dress. lol. Anyway I let it slide as maybe she didnt mean anything by it.
Well the night gets worse. The idiots in the other apt block across the street were having a domestic. The noise was unbearable. This was at 3am. I was and still am furious at them. I actually called the police. Afterwards it was quiet. However the 2 guests got up during that time.
This morning my partner brought up the noise and apologized for it. He asked them did they sleep okay other than that and they said they didnt, they said it was too noisy. They also said that we need to get our floorboards fixed as too creaky! Un-bloody-believable, no one has ever complained about the floorboards!!! He aslo added that were was I this morning, expecting me to be there. They were supposed to go after 9am today but left just after 7am, which doesnt bode well. I dread their review!

Ugh…almost the return of the anti Valentine, let’s hope not. I hope they don’t leave a review! I hate guests like this who seem to bring on their own troubles!

I know I could scream! :angry:

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Hey Sunshine

When I host I always check out what time someone is going to check in and check out so this is agreed before any booking is confirmed. This way you don’t get any nasty surprises like people trying to check in early. You could also have reassured them about the safety of on street parking.

I think as hosts we need to recognise that not everyone is a confident traveller and that it might be a little un-nerving not to be able to reach your hosts quickly on your arrival day. People are likely to be stressed on arrival if they have got lost. So perhaps going forward have a number for one of you that guests can contact on their arrival day easily - rather than wanting to wring guests neck because they call a few times.

And so what if he asked for a toilet brush and she mistook your dress for a top - is that really the end of the world?

Some people are light sleepers so if they are in your home and hear the floorboards creaking and aren’t accustomed to them - it might keep them awake, particularly if they were already awake due to your noisy neighbours.

I think as hosts we need to be flexible and understand we will have all sorts of guests and it helps when we put ourselves in their shoes. If you only want a certain type of guest - then don’t accept bookings from those who don’t meet your criteria.


I have IB. Check in times are in my rules, as all hosts have now. I also tell all guests check in times when they book, and a few days before they arrive.
They did have another number, my partners, as we are both hosts.
They were told it was safe to park. We are in a very safe location.
The floors are not at all bad… One part of the floorboards creak in the living area, that’s it. There was no reason to complain about it. It was over the top.
I embrace all guests. I dont have ‘type’. I just have no patience for people bringing their bad moods and attitude to my home, and take it out on me because they cant get an early check in.


But also there is nothing we can do if we did explained everything, and it worked perfectly well with multiple other travelers. Its absurd calling at 6 am, that shows you that other things will follow for sure which they did.If a host insists on check in time then there is a reason for it. They first say 5 pm, and then decided to show up at 3:45. And then they are all stressed. AS someone here said, Airbnb is a 2 way street, thats why many do not choose Air and prefer to stay in hotels, like myself. I want 24 hours reception, a concierge, a wake up call, in room service and other goodies. I stayed in many Airbnbs, but the only reason for it was the cost.


I so agree, I’m swaying more towards hotels myself. The review system stresses me out as a guest also.
Exactly calling at 6am was ridiculous. They are Uk based, it’s not as if they were in another time zone.
I said to my partner that morning. These guests are going to be a problem. So it was no surprise they were.